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Climathons 2021 – Impact

Our Local Hubs are the sources of impact that influence and galvanize local communities to solve their own problems in a sustainable, inclusive manner. A highlight of local hub events in 2021, were Climathon Bangalore and Climathon Temuco. Read on to know more about our #ClimateImpact in 2021

Inspired by EIT-Climate KIC’s Global Climathon movement, a global community of change-makers and innovators around the world worked in their communities to help humanity solve its most pressing issues through ideation and innovation. Over 150 cities across the globe engaged stakeholders across the board to develop novel ideas on how to tackle climate-related challenges at the local level!

What did participants gain from the Climathon?

  • The Climathon is a platform to ideate, collaborate, collectively participate and formulate solutions to issues that you are passionate about. It provides participants a chance to tap into a conducive online space to converge around practical climate solutions and transform their passion into concrete action.
  • The Climathon is a unique opportunity to join a global movement while doing our part to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change. It also offers immense networking potential – build connections and be part of collaborative solutions.
  • Sourcing diversity of thought, background, and sector – Collaborate with like-minded personalities from a plethora of domains, be it engineering, design, civic policy, social justice reform etc. This event welcomes you to share your ideas with experts and peers and evolve your ideas into action.
  • Sharpen and hone your skills in leadership, innovative thinking, analytic thinking, interpersonal communication, intercultural collaboration, and allied areas

Impact of our Climathons :

  • 110+ Registrations and 80+ active participants
  • Diversity in thematic backgrounds, ideational concepts, domains and sectors
  • Mentorship opportunities, guidance, financial support and resources to boost the idea to the realm of practical implementation
  • Emergence of climate innovations borne from the convergence of different domains and paradigms

Climathon BLR 2021

Climathon Bengaluru 2021 was held under the banner of “Solutions to build Climate Resilience” from Oct 29th to Oct 31st, 2021, with a 50-hour online idea marathon, where students and researchers from educational institutes and universities developed practical prototypes to combat climate change, highlighting the role businesses and youth could play in promoting SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production). Throughout the course of two days, participants worked across ideational backgrounds and frameworks that sought to craft coherent, holistic solutions that held substantial promise to mitigate climate risks.


View the Showcase of ClimathonBLR 2021 below!

Climathon participants worked on:

  • Technological or digital solutions and alternative products to build climate resilience
  • Solutions that highlight building climate resilience with behavioral changes, sustainability in everyday life, and those that involve individuals, groups, and communities in actively abating CO2 emissions, etc.
  • Policy and governance solutions addressing the Climate Emergency

Impact of ClimathonBLR2021 :

  • 90 total registrations – 45 active participants during the Climathon
  • Diverse educational and professional backgrounds 
  • Three teams made it through the 48 hours to win prizes, internships, and successfully submitted prototype ideas. 

Learn more about the impact of the Climathon here!

Climathon Temuco 2021

For Climathon Temuco 2021, the theme was “Zero Waste”. After the start of the event, groups were formed that collaborated -virtually- in the development of solutions for better waste management in their city. These ranged from technical solutions, public campaigns, ideas to change habits, entrepreneurship and much more!

Three groups participated in this initiative where they worked and collaborated to develop practicable ideas that sought to improve waste management in Temuco. The event was inaugurated by an online panel discussion that featured eminent experts, followed by the mentoring sessions led by Senior Fellows. At the end, each team delivered a video (of a maximum of two minutes) to present their ideas and prototypes. A panel of judges evaluated the potential of each idea and announced the winners of the event, who will have access to prizes, mentorships, access to incubators, and more!

Watch the Panel Discussion below!

Dive into the details of Climathon Temuco 2021 here! Keep yourself updated on the Climathons lined up for the annual calendar!