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About our Anti-Discrimination Policy

At the Melton Foundation, we believe a diverse team brings a range of perspectives, experiences, and skills that help us to innovate, solve problems, and serve our communities better. In a globalized world, it is more important than ever to understand and appreciate the diversity of cultures, perspectives, and experiences that exist within our communities. By promoting DEI, companies, schools, and organizations like ours can help to create a more inclusive and equitable world, where all people are able to participate fully and contribute to society.

The Melton Foundation’s Anti-Discrimination and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) policy was officially approved and announced at our 2022 Global Citizenship Convention in Jena, Germany! This marks a significant milestone in our journey to create a more inclusive and equitable experience for our community and all who engage with us. 

Our Anti-Discrimination Policy emphasizes our commitment to creating a culture where all Melton Fellows and stakeholders feel valued, respected, and able to bring their whole selves to the Melton Foundation program(s).  The policy provides guidelines for how we will work to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our business, including recruitment, community engagement, and leadership development. 

Access our Anti-Discrimination Policy

A must-have resource for every member of the Melton Foundation community, our anti-discrimination policy explains how we prevent discrimination and protect our stakeholders! Access your copy today!

Our DEI Focus at a Glance

We know that building truly inclusive and equitable spaces are a journey, and we are committed to continuously improving our DEI practices. While we continue building a reliable resource pool of DEI-AB materials, to start with, here is our DEI Focus at a glance!




The Melton Foundation is committed to providing an inclusive, equitable, accessible, welcoming, and anti-discriminatory environment for our staff, fellows, volunteers, service providers, and any other parties with which the Melton Foundation works. To that effect, our DEI focus stands on distinct facets ranging from stakeholder guidelines, code of conduct, and compliance and mediation. Explore our policy-at-a-glance below! 

Guidelines for Community and Stakeholders

As we are a space of learning at all times, the Melton Foundation’s programs and activities prioritize deep psychological safety and inclusive spaces. As such, if Melton Foundation participants experience interpersonal conflict, disagreement, miscommunication, or misinterpretation, then the foundation will engage in active mentoring, education, and training. To that end, we have tried-and-tested guidelines, methods, and processes for all our stakeholders.

The Melton Foundation expects all of its community members to be active proponents of our organizational values that cherish diversity and empower intercultural collaboration. For more insight into our Anti-Discrimination measures, visit the full policy document here.

DEI Strategy Cast

Our latest DEI Strategy Cast that illustrates our future desires and DEI focus!