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Our Impact - Championing Global Citizenship!

For 25+ years, the Melton Foundation has been enabling and promoting Global Citizenship through multiple domains, formats, platforms, and engagements. Our focus has been on impressing impact in the realms of an interconnected world and making Global Citizenship accessible at the grassroots.

How do we create impact?

Fostering Global Citizens – At the Melton Foundation, we are committed to supporting young leaders to realize their potential towards building an equitable, sustainable, and peaceful world by becoming drivers of social change. We’ve developed these parameters based on our definition of Global Citizenship as:

  • Awareness of global issues and how our actions affect not only our own communities but other communities around the globe.
  • Imbibing Responsibility for the world’s problems, and because of this responsibility,
  • Taking Action to forge collaborative solutions to these problems across the street, and across the world.

Acts of Global Citizenship – Every year, Melton Fellows and Global Citizens around the world embark on designing and executing their Acts of Global Citizenship. ‘Acts’ are anchored in local realities and rely on grassroots-based action. By employing design thinking and ethical leadership skills and leveraging their support network, they script tales of local impact which directly affect communities and bring about tangible changes.

Global and Local Events – Furthermore, we regularly host events in global and hub communities – Virtual Global Citizenship Week, Climathons, Ideathons, SDG Innovation Challenge to name a few – often yield practical solutions, many of which have advanced to achieve fruition and solve the problems they targeted. Our global outreach constitutes collaborations with like-minded partners and engaging with Global Citizenship advocates, SDG practitioners, and young changemakers to amplify and boost the visibility of our social impact.

Action Grants – Our endeavor to support transformative innovations does not end here. We extend aids, funds, and grants to impact projects – our effort of investing in a brighter future. With our grants, we encourage collaboration across domains, regions, and backgrounds in pursuit of leveraging Global Citizenship practice to advance the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We are open to joining hands with partners, organizations, and individuals to magnify social impact and engage with a wider audience!

 Do you want to help build a community of global citizens, based on mutual interests, synergies, and complementary experience? Explore all the avenues through which you can get involved with us!

Our Journey

Annual Impact Report 2022

It is time now to take a few moments and rejoice in our collective Impact from 2022, a bonafide testament to our footprint as Global Citizens on the world.!

Annual Impact Report 2021

A leading proponent of global citizenship practice worldwide, the Melton Foundation celebrated 30 years of shaping young minds through experiential learning, skill development, and intercultural exposure in 2021! We have built a 500+ network of Fellows who carry out impact projects around the world, and our association with the 17 UN SDGs further acts as an impetus for our Fellows and partners to join hands and carve a better future together through actionable, and sustainable programs.

Annual Impact Report 2020

For us, 2020 was the time to rise to the challenges and use the presence of obstacles to create a positive impetus for action around Global Citizenship.

Annual Impact Report 2019

The Melton Foundation looks back at over 25 years of shaping young minds through experiential learning, skill development, and intercultural exposure. Join us as we walk you through all of the collaborative action, thought and ethical leadership initiatives, and transformative experiences that shaped 2019!

Acts of Global Citizenship

Since its ratification in 2015, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have become the hallmark of sustainable development in the modern era. In order to achieve these goals by 2030, however, organizations, governments, individuals, and civil society must engage with the SDGs beyond the business-as-usual practices. With the SDGs as a reference framework for global issues, a simple Act can change the world!

Melton Fellowship

Our Global Citizenship Program is designed to give Melton Fellows the tools and skills they need to work together across boundaries to address the big challenges the world is facing. We recruit young social change leaders with great potential, who are looking for a chance to develop their skills, into a lifelong network.

Global Events

We host multiple engagements throughout our annual calendar in diverse formats, panels, and audiences! An intercultural and multi-domain environment provides the ideal conditions for innovative, sustainable ideas to take root! From marathon events to roundtable conversations with experts, we aim to reach and associate with change agents and organizations far and wide.

Melton Foundation Action Grants

Year-round, we offer grants to Melton Fellows based on an impact-oriented evaluation process to allocate funds that serve as a crucial financial backbone, while helping shape and refine the desired end result, which can be monitored and supported going forward.

Hear it from our Fellows!

Working with the Melton Foundation continues to present a unique opportunity to further my personal and professional mission to Identify, Support and Instill, High Performance Skills. Teaching, learning and growing with an organization and its members that have taught me so much and continues to influence my own growth as an agent of change is exciting and fulfilling.

Vernice Richards, USA

Recently, I had the opportunity to reflect on my association with the Melton Foundation spanning across a decade and on what lies ahead for the Foundation. Closely observing these projects, I witnessed the sea-change improvement in the quality of initiatives championed by Melton Fellows, with an ever-greater focus on inclusiveness and wide-reaching impact in local communities. This has been inspirational to me and hopefully to aspiring fellowship candidates for the cohort of 2021.

Vigneshwar Shankar, India

Since I was a young girl, I was eager to work on something meaningful, and the Melton Foundation experience, my projects and initiatives as a proud Melton Fellow and Global Citizen was that "work". I found experiences, bonds, and a safe space where I could develop my ideas and contribute back to our vast global village through my skills. At the Melton Foundation, I have been always encouraged to reach my fullest potential and for that I am truly grateful!

Francisca Cantos, Chile

Invest in change agents!

The world needs more problem solvers who can work on common solutions across borders. Your donation will enable a new way of thinking and acting: a future generation of global citizens, working together to solve the world’s pressing challenges!