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Welcome to ClimathonBLR 2021!

Inspired by EIT-Climate KIC’s Global Climathon movement, a global community of change-makers and innovators around the world are working in their communities to help humanity solve its most pressing issues through ideation and innovation. Over 150 cities across the globe are engaging stakeholders across the board to develop novel ideas on how to tackle climate-related challenges at the local level.

Climathon Bangalore is back again this year as a 48-hour online ideation marathon, where diverse minds converge to brainstorm and develop practical prototypes to combat climate change and contribute towards molding a resilient ecosystem.

Our theme this year focuses on pulling attention to the question, “How can we be more resilient against what is to come?”
We welcome you to join us and encourage all participants to focus on solutions that will help improve climate quality and contribute to overall social goodness.

The event will unfold from Oct 29th to Oct 31st, 2021, with a 50-hour online idea marathon, where students and researchers from educational institutes and universities will brainstorm and develop practical prototypes to combat climate change, and build Climate Resilience!

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Come join us and be a part of the ClimathonBLR 2021!

Problem Statement

This year’s theme for ClimathonBLR is,

“Solutions to build Climate Resilience”

Climate resilience determines the degree of susceptibility of our systems, populations, infrastructure, and lifestyle to disasters caused by climate change. With the latest reports confirming our witness to Climate Change, lack of planning and designing effective responses will prove to be disastrous for our planet. Making changes, building resilience, incorporating elements of adaptation, and forging synergies across domains are some of the immediate steps we must take to protect the natural heritage we inherited. 

The ClimathonBLR 2021 seeks participants to explore solutions to build Climate resilience through myriad approaches. Solution ideas can be from any of the guiding categories given below: 

  • Technological or digital solutions and alternative products to build climate resilience

  • Solutions that highlight building climate resilience with behavioral changes, sustainability in everyday life, and those that involve individuals, groups, and communities in actively abating CO2 emissions, etc.

  • Policy and governance solutions addressing the Climate Emergency

Participants are encouraged to build cross-domain sustainable solutions in diverse teams for a climate-resilient future! 

Why Participate?

There are numerous reasons why you should participate in ClimathonBLR. Here are a few of them:

  • #ClimathonBLR is a platform to ideate, collaborate, collectively participate and formulate solutions to issues that you are passionate about. It provides participants a chance to tap into a conducive online space to converge around practical climate solutions and transform their passion into concrete action.
  • The Climathon is a unique opportunity to join a global movement while doing our part to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change. Moreover, the Climathon offers an immense networking potential – Build connections, and be part of a community of practice around ecosystemic, collaborative solutions.
  • Sourcing diversity of thought, background, and sector – Collaborate with like-minded personalities from a plethora of domains, be it engineering, design, civic policy, social justice reform, project management, finance, education, and many others. This event welcomes you to share your ideas with experts and peers and receive constructive feedback to evolve your ideas into action.
  • Sharpen and hone your skills in leadership, innovative thinking, analytic thinking, interpersonal communication, intercultural collaboration, and allied areas.


Winning teams from this year’s #ClimathonBLR will be awarded funding to bring their projects to life!

  • 1st place – 350 USD in funding

  • 2nd place – 250 USD in funding 

  • 3rd place – 150 USD in funding 

  • Climathon Bengaluru Media Champions – In today’s digital age, an important skill for innovators is the ability to influence your communities, and be multipliers! In this edition of #ClimathonBLR2021, we’re also awarding the participants who show a special skill for pitching and promoting your learnings, take-aways, and experiences online! Showcase your energy on social media, retweet, post, share stories about your Climathon experiences, and win a 50 USD gift card from us! Remember to tag the Melton Foundation in your posts, and use the hashtag #ClimathonBLR2021 

  • WEPLANTREE will plant trees on behalf of participants of winning teams. Participants will be provided with a unique profile and code on their website to follow the growth of the tree. 

In addition, winning teams stand a chance to earn a scholarship from Complexity University to join the Gigatonne Challenge and develop their project ideas and bring them to life with support from our partners!

Who can participate in the ClimathonBLR?

The Climathon is open to participation for people of all ages, across all sectors and demographics. What do we seek from participants?

  • A desire to participate actively, ability to work in teams, develop a lean prototype for a solution idea to be submitted in the form of a short video pitch at the end of the Climathon
  • A strong passion and investment in the theme of ‘Solutions to build ‘climate resilience’ and the motivation to engage pro-actively throughout the event
  • A genuine interest to combat the growing effects of acute climate change
  • Ability to work in an interdisciplinary team from different domains
  • Motivation to extensively ideate throughout the Climathon and work in an agile ‘hackathon like’ environment
  • Commitment to take the idea to completion and remain engaged with the cause post the Climathon.

How to Participate? 

Registration to the Climathon happens on an individual basis. Following the registration deadline, you will receive further instructions including the schedule, activities, and technologies deployed during the event. And then, the challenge is on: you will be asked to form an interdisciplinary team with the other registrants and, together, develop a solution idea and/or prototype, which you will present in the form of a short video pitch at the end of the event.

Register now!

Come join us and be a part of the ClimathonBLR 2021!


Meet the judges and evaluators of Climathon Bengaluru 2021!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Climathon? 

The Climathon serves as a power-packed session of a specialized version of an Ideathon, specifically meant to raise issues pertaining to climate change. The approx. 48 hour-long event is filled with interaction, deliberation, creation, and fruition of disruptive ideas. For more information on the genesis of the Climathon movement worldwide, visit here

How do I participate? Should I pay fees in order to register? 

To register for the ClimathonBLR, you may click here. We do not charge any fees for registration/participation. Please refer to the ‘Who can participate’ section for more details. 

When is the Climathon scheduled for?

There are limited slots for participation, so hurry and apply now!

Is the participation on an individual basis, or do I need to form teams?

Registration to the Climathon happens on an individual basis. Once you have registered for the Climathon, on the first day, you will be asked to form an interdisciplinary team with the other registrants. The idea is to facilitate collaboration, cross-functional teamwork, and build strong communication skills.

How are teams formed? 

The teams of 4-6 people form in the early hours of the Climathon (see ‘schedule’ section to learn more). The organizers will publish a list of participants and their skills through a participants registry. Then, participants will be invited to join a Slack platform. Here all participants are encouraged to mingle and voice their gives, wants, ideas as well as ask for or offer to support ideas to organically form teams. Our organizers will guide this process and there will be facilitated online sessions, starting with the Kick-Off, to help you find your tribe!

Team formation is an integral process of Climathon BLR and teams should be interdisciplinary to encourage diversity of perspectives during the process. Teams will have to formally register themselves by the deadline to continue with the Climathon. 

How do I prepare myself for the event? 

More than anything, we ask that you bring your motivation to the event! Additionally, you can familiarize yourself with tools like Slack, Zoom, Gmail, Miro online white-boards, video editing, graphic design, and YouTube among other online collaboration tools. 

What kind of prototypes are built during the Climathon?

We acknowledge that developing a tangible prototype in this virtual setting can be quite challenging. The solutions at the end of the Climathon should be at least a low or medium-fidelity prototype. This means that participants have tangible constructions of the idea they were working on. You should think of it as a visual mock-up of your idea. If done well, the prototype – or visual mock-up – you develop will put you in a good position to get good feedback and bring your ideas to life.  Your prototypes will make a great basis for your final solution idea pitch. 

What are low/medium-fidelity prototypes? 

Low-fidelity prototypes may include rough sketches, paper models, simple storyboards, or rough paper prototypes of digital interfaces. You would base your choice of the type of prototype on the type of solution you are seeking to create. Medium fidelity – slightly more detailed, still rough but closer to the solution. Read this article to learn more.

What happens to the prototypes post the event? 

The adjudged winners will be given the opportunity to apply for grants with suited organizations to work further on their prototypes. All solutions built during the Climathon will be documented, so anyone can move the idea up further by continuing the collaboration. Participants can implement the solution as part of our #100Acts of Global Citizenship or continue to tackle it together in a project team. Best ideas and prototypes to come out of the Climathon will be showcased on our blogs, website, and social media channels, as well as on the Climathon global platform.

Who chooses the winners? When will results be announced? 

A panel of judges will be in charge of evaluating the projects. The winning groups will be chosen according to the degree of innovation of the proposal, the diversity of the team, the level of the presentation, and the degree of the tangibility of the implementation. Results will be declared in the weeks after the Climathon based on popular polls and judges’ evaluations.

More questions?

Write to us at: climathon.bengaluru@gmail.com