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What is the Climathon?

Our climate innovation digital marathons, shortly called 'Climathons', are initiatives that seek to guide practical ideas for local climate solutions. Inspired by EIT Climate-KIC, more than 150 cities and municipalities organize Climathons around the world each year.

With the Melton Foundation local #Climathon, we join a global movement to design solutions that address climate change and its adverse effects at the grassroots level. By associating with us for a Climathon, you join a global community of change-makers and innovators working in their communities to help humanity achieve the zero-emissions goal.

The best ideas are born in collaboration and from the community, and our local Climathons are a playground for genesis of innovative climate solutions! 

Why participate?

  • Our Climathon presents the right platform to initiate your own campaign and win an opportunity to watch your prototypes come alive. 
  • It is a novel way for you to do your part in building a climate-resilient future and solving socio-environmental woes in urban waste management. 
  • The networking potential the Climathon carries is immense. Interaction with other participants, our experts, and practitioners will broaden your perspectives and open new doors for you to develop your talent.
  • It is the perfect chance for you to sharpen and hone your skills in innovative thinking, entrepreneurship, interpersonal communication, and allied areas.
  • By participating in our Climathon, you can experience collaboration with like-minded Global Citizens, from a plethora of domains, be it engineering, design, civic policy, social justice reform, project management, finance, education, and many others. Solving the global challenge of climate change needs local context-specific solutions, and the process will enable you to be a part of a responsible global front.

Winners of the Climathon can apply for EIT Climate-KIC Global Awards and can gain visibility once solution ideas have been uploaded to the Climathon global platform! What’s more, winners can also apply for the EIT Climate-KIC Climate Launchpads to incubate/accelerate their idea further. More exciting prizes coming soon! 

How to Participate?

Registration to the Climathon happens on an individual basis. Once you have registered for the Climathon, on the first day, you will be asked to form an inter-disciplinary team with the other registrants.

Want to work across domains and gain insights into the brightest minds working in the field of climate change? Here is an opportunity for all young social innovators to change the world one idea at a time! Welcome aboard!

Join the Movement in 2021!

This year, the Melton Foundation and its partners have collaborated to emerge with fresh editions for Climathon 2021! Learn more about the upcoming Climathons and explore how you can participate to mitigate climate change!

Climathon Bangalore 2021

Climathon Bangalore 2021 will unfold from Oct 29th to Oct 31st, 2021, with a 50-hour online idea marathon, where students and researchers from educational institutes and universities will brainstorm and develop practical prototypes to combat climate change, and build Climate Resilience!

Climathon Bangalore 2021

Climathon Temuco 2021

From November 4 to 6, 2021, we will put all our energy into possible solutions to mitigate the garbage problem of Temuco, Chile. You can be the protagonist of this initiative by participating in the Climathon Temuco 2021. In an epic two-day marathon, you will work in interdisciplinary teams creating, designing and building solutions with the help of experts and mentors!

Climathon Temuco 2021