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Collaborate with us

There are numerous ways to engage with us, may it be as Learner, Collaborator or Investor.

Learner: Most of our activities are tailored toward students and young professionals between 18-35 years of age. Our programs are application based and cater to different audiences in our Global Citizenship Hubs and across the globe.

Collaborator: We love to partner with organizations around the globe that share our interest and passion for transforming perceptions of how global problems are approached – and solved. Some avenues for collaborations that enrich and empower are:

  • Building global alliances for Global Citizenship Education (GCE) & Practice
  • Strengthening social impact ecosystems in any of our Global Citizenship Hubs
  • Co-developing of materials to build capacity for global citizenship
  • Co-organizing activities and events to further global citizenship awareness and practice

Investor: Actively support building a new generation of Global Citizens by

  • Investing in impact programs, like our Global Citizenship Program, the Global Solvers Accelerator, and the SDG Innovation Challenge, among many others
  • Sponsoring young talent to participate in our programs
  • Donating to Fellow-driven impact work and SDG-related projects featured on GlobalGiving or here
  • Sponsor prize money or other incentives for youth innovators emerging from our Innovations Marathons
  • Invest in the Melton Foundation’s capacity to develop programs, impact, and reach here

Act in the Name of Global Citizenship!

How can committed yet busy citizens of the world take action on an issue they are passionate about? Do an Act of Global Citizenship and join the movement!

'News and Stories' from our network!

We bring you podcasts on intercultural dialogue around current affairs, interviews, intercultural camaraderie, unpacking the internal workings of the social impact ecosystem, and more!

Also, you can find us on Spotify: "Global Citizenship with the Melton Foundation" - happy listening!

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Global Events

Every year, the Melton Foundation curates events centered at a Global Citizenship Hub or as a cross-hub, international effort. Our in-person and virtual endeavors intend to convene together Global Citizenship experts, practitioners, SDG advocates, and the action-driven youth to collaborate in an authentic, intercultural, and dynamic environment! Here are some of the recent top highlights!

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Partner with us

We love to partner with organizations around the globe that share our interest and passion for transforming perceptions of how global problems are approached – and solved.

Make a difference: Invest in global problem solvers!

The world needs more problem solvers who can work on common solutions across borders. Your donation will enable a new way of thinking and acting: a future generation of global citizens, working together to solve the world’s pressing challenges.

Crowdfund Global Citizenship Projects

Since 2020, the Melton Foundation is a vetted and trusted organization of the GlobalGiving network, alongside some of the world's best non-profits.
Through crowdfunding, we bring to light unique global citizenship projects, advancing sustainable development one step at a time! Find us on Global Giving - bit.ly/MFGlobalGiving