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Join the Global Solvers CoLab 2020!

The Global Solvers Co-Lab convenes emerging leaders from across sectors and geographies to learn, collaborate, and co-create meaningful solutions to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on a local level with the global context in mind. Bring your know-how, passion, and curiosity to the Global Solvers Co-Lab 2020, happening from 7-12 June 2020 in Gotha & Jena, Germany!

Act in the Name of Global Citizenship!

How can committed yet busy citizens of the world take action on an issue they are passionate about? Do an Act of Global Citizenship and join the movement!

Make a difference: Invest in global problem solvers!

The world needs more problem solvers who can work on common solutions across borders. Your donation will enable a new way of thinking and acting: a future generation of global citizens, working together to solve the world’s pressing challenges.

Partner with us

We love to partner with organizations around the globe that share our interest and passion to transform perceptions of how global problems are approached – and solved.

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The Melton Fellowship gives you a new perspective on the world and global platform to make a difference in your community and beyond. When you join the over 500 Melton Fellows, you become part of a global network – for life.