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Global Citizenship in Action

At the Melton Foundation, we are all about joining forces with the global community and connecting with local impact leaders to bring about a collective effort in our mission to see the best Global Citizenship practices come to life around the world! In order to do this, we host multiple engagements throughout our annual calendar in diverse formats, panels, and audiences!

Apart from our cross-hub and international events, we also curate hub-specific events tailored for each of our six Global Citizenship hubs. With health concerns around the COVID-19 pandemic and its after-effects, 2020 saw many of our events migrating to online platforms and we aim for sustainable hybrid interactions, a mix of in-person and virtual events, for the future!

We closely associate with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and our events serve as a platform for changemakers from diverse sections of geographies to join forces and advance towards achieving the goals together. The SDGs provide us a framework and serve as guideposts to center our engagements around as we uphold Global Citizenship in spirit and action!

Scroll down to traverse through our global and local hub events, both in-person and virtual ones!

Our Global Events

An intercultural and multi-domain environment provides the ideal conditions for innovative, sustainable ideas to take root! From marathon events to roundtable conversations with experts, we aim to reach and associate with change agents and organizations far and wide! Below are some of the recent major highlights handpicked from our repertoire of global events in 2021:

SDG Innovation Challenge 2023 is here!

A virtual ideation power-house to script your SDG success story!

Podcasts: Bringing Storytelling for Change to life

Our podcasts revolve around hot topics and intercultural dialogues that encourage listeners to reflect and take positive action! Listen to our stream today and browse through our episodes!

Local Hub Events

We have six Global Citizenship hubs – Bengaluru (India), Temuco (Chile), Accra (Ghana), New Orleans (USA), Jena (Germany), and Hangzhou (China). Each hub witnesses an array of events each year, be it local marathon contests, region-specific innovation challenges, or workshops! Here are some of the recent major engagements at our hubs:

Global Citizenship Conference

Our annual Global Citizenship Conference provides tools and resources to promote global citizenship as a way to work together to solve today's challenges around the world.

Global Solvers Co-Lab

The Global Solvers Co-Lab is the space where sectors, cultures, identities, and know-how converge into something “greater than the sum of its parts”. Focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and leveraging the power of global citizenship, the Co-Lab convenes emerging SDG advocates to learn, share, and catalyze tangible solutions for sustained impact together.

Deep Dive

The Deep Dive is one of the Melton Foundation's signature programs. Fellows “dive in” to specific local contexts to help tackle a local community’s problem through their expertise and knowledge. At the same time, Deep Dives give Fellows true in-depth insight into that community, as well as an experiential understanding of the local manifestations of a global problem.


Get Involved

Do you want to help build a community of global citizens, based on mutual interests, synergies, and complementary experience?