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University Partners

The Melton Foundation partners with universities in Chile, China, Germany, Ghana, India, and the USA.

We recruit Melton Fellows primarily at universities from these six partner regions. The universities listed below provide valuable local academic and logistical support in the recruitment, mentoring, and learning experiences of Fellows while they are students. In addition, partner Universities may forge collaborations with local NGOs or other institutions to enable Fellows at all stages of their careers to participate and act on local issues.

Organizational Partners & Collaborators

The Melton Foundation collaborates with organizations around the globe that share our interest and passion in addressing global challenges.

Together we are nurturing a growing community of global citizens, based on mutual interests, synergies, and complementary experience.

Our approach to collaboration is shared-value based so that each partnership is unique to the organization(s) involved. If you’re curious to find out more or see potential synergies between our work and yours, contact us! 

Crowdfunding Partner

Since 2020, the Melton Foundation is a vetted and trusted organization of the GlobalGiving network, alongside some of the world's best non-profits. Through crowdfunding, we bring to light unique global citizenship projects, advancing sustainable development one step at a time!
There are many other ways to support our work: click here for more!