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Students At Mañiuco School, Chile “Meet” Their Chinese Counterparts

June 4, 2014, Chile 

Our day began as it usually does when we visit rural school in Mañiuco – with a delicious breakfast with the teachers. This is when we discuss about  the childnren’s specific needs – what materials do they need, what kind of workshops can we conduct for them, and what are the areas in which they need support. On June 4, we talked with the principal and the teachers at Mañiuco School to chart the plan for the academic year. They requested for some books for the children and that we conduct workshops in spoken English, public speaking, arts and sports, and on handling the issue of bullying. This is a growing concern in schools all over the world.

But the visit to the Mañiuco School was extra-special this time: the students got to “meet” their counterparts at the Liangshan School in China, as part of our Chile-China Project! We first showed a video about China and a few important cities. Then Patricia Ortiz, who was recently at the Liangshan school showed a video that she had taken there. Subsequently, she handed the letters that she had brought from the Chinese children. In response, the Mañiuco students drew pictures imagining themselves together with their newfound Chinese friends and also wrote letters to them. It was fascinating to see how these children conceptualized their ‘friends’ from the other part of the world!

Us Fellows from the UFRO Campus in Chile will share these letters with the Fellows from ZU Campus in China, who will in turn share it with the children in the Liangshan School.

And… we’re planning more trips through the year!