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Report: The power of leadership networks

Based on the Impact Networks Roundtable in New York last June, the report is a resource for those looking to grow and expand the impact of their networks.

On June 22 in New York, the Melton Foundation held one in a series of roundtables on the power of leadership networks. Today we are releasing the Impact Networks Summary Report based on that roundtable. We hope the report can serve as a resource for other networks looking to grow, expand, raise support, learn, and thrive in the coming years.

Between now and November, several participants from the New York roundtable will be working together to create a case for support that other networks can use to advance their cause. Another roundtable was held in San Francisco in July, and we are looking forward to a Boston edition later this year.

“Can the program be the network?” We at the Melton Foundation think: yes, it can!

Rachel Clift roundtable

Rachel Clift leads roundtable participants through a brainstorming session.

The Melton Foundation began convening funders and managers of leadership networks in December 2013 in concert with the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. The June 22 roundtable, “Leveraging Networks for Impact,” was generously hosted by the Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans. Rachel Clift provided expertise in creating the program.

We were thrilled to have over twenty-five participants for this edition, many of them working in fellowship programs, whose long-term commitments to and experiences with investing in networks provided for a rich and informative discussion. Participants shared fresh ideas for how to improve the performance of their networks, and for how to build a case for supporting impact networks in new and innovative ways. As one participant provocatively asked, “can the program be the network?” We at the Melton Foundation think: yes, it can!

If you are interested in participating in future roundtables or wish to connect us with other networks, please get in touch!