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USA (Founding Office)

Melton Foundation
2810 N Church St #45771
Wilmington, Delaware, 19802-4447 USA

The Melton Foundation is registered as a 501(c)(3) in the United States in the state of Virginia.


Fundación Melton
Cormoran #02400

As per decree of the Chilean Ministry of Justice No. 641 of 28 June 2001, the Melton Foundation is authorized to carry out activities in Chile.


Die Melton Stiftung
c/o Ernst-Abbe-Stiftung
Forstweg 31
07745 Jena, Germany

Since 2005, the Melton Foundation has been recognized as a foundation governed by civil law without legal capacity under the administration of the Ernst-Abbe-Stiftung as the trustee.

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    The Melton Foundation may promote, affiliate with, or partner with other individuals or organizations whose programs, products, and services align with our mission and vision. In the spirit of transparency, we want our readers to be aware that there may be instances when we promote these partners and organizations on our website and social media in exchange for collaborations and partnerships. Please note that we are highly selective and only promote the partners whose programs, products and/or services we verify and respect. At the same time, you, as a reader agree that any such promotion or marketing does not serve as any form of endorsement whatsoever. The reader is still required to use their own judgment to determine that any such program, product, or service is appropriate for them. Our website and posts may also periodically provide links to third-party websites including websites of entities that are affiliated with the Melton Foundation. We are not responsible for the content of any third-party website, nor do we make any warranties or representations, express or implied, regarding the content (or the accuracy, completeness, or correctness of such content) on any third-party website.

    The Melton Foundation takes responsibility to produce and publish content that is aimed towards creating a more socially responsible, aware, and actionable society. Some contents may be perceived as controversial or emotionally unsettling, as they unpack power dynamics, global contexts, or not-often heard viewpoints. The objective, however, is to increase awareness, responsibility, and action of readers to strive for a more equitable and sustainable world, and certainly not to hurt any sentiments or be biased in favor of or against any particular person, society, gender, creed, nation or religion.