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Melton Foundation Jena Partners with Local Technicians to Set Up “Repair Café”

What do you do with your damaged appliances? Do you try to fix them or do you just throw them away? If you’re like most people, you throw them away, mainly because you’re not sure where to get them repaired and purchasing a replacement seems like the easier solution. 

But what if you knew a place to get your items repaired, and perhaps even learn how to repair them yourselves — all while enjoying a cup of coffee? The Melton Fellows of Jena helped organize just such an event, Repair Café, bringing together repair technicians and those in need of repairs, thus promoting the greater goal of encouraging sustainability in our everyday lives.

People flocked to the Repair Café with everyday items such as clothes, bicycles, cooking utensils and even electronics — in some cases they were also taught how to fix the items up themselves! Even better, while waiting for the repairs, they were able to enjoy a bite and some coffee. 

Melton Fellows welcomed people, explained to them the concept and everything behind the concept, as well as answering questions and just helping people feel comfortable.On this day 19 of 26 devices could get repaired, two were partly fixed. The concept was welcomed by the attendees, especially with over 70% successful repairs. The next Repair Café will take place on September 28.

The project team is thrilled to be spreading the word about including sustainable practices in our every day lives!