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“A new chapter for Global Citizenship in India” – Melton Fellows from Bengaluru

On May 31 2024, Melton Fellows in India gathered in-person with a renewed spirit: to celebrate and ideate the newly-launched 'Melton Foundation India' arm of our organization. This establishment marks a significant milestone in fostering global citizenship and community impact locally. This gathering, enriched by insightful discussions and collaborative ideation, set the stage for "A new chapter for Global Citizenship in India".

Highlights of Fellows’ ideation – Melton Fellows express their ideas, sentiments, and potential hopes for the future:

  • Strategic Expansion and Localization: Melton Foundation India hopes to expand its presence through hub-specific activities, enhanced urban and rural outreach, and overcoming language barriers to increase student accessibility.
  • Sustainability and Partnerships: Key strategies including developing better financial management, partnering with corporations for sustainable projects, and emphasizing volunteer empowerment and responsibility were ideated on.
  • Educational Initiatives: Ideas such as Melton Foundation India collaborating with government bodies such as  The Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS) Division of The Ministry of Education to revamp curriculums, engaging students early, and aligning the Foundation’s mission of Global Citizenship and holistic learning with student communities, were brought up. These ideas are only in the nascent stages for now, and further development in the future will explore feasibility. 
  • Organizational Structure: Establishing a structured hierarchy, creating chapters or districts, introducing a membership model, and offering certification courses and CSR programs for corporates, were ideas suggested by Melton Fellows to improve organizational structure.
  • Vision for Future Impact: The long-term broad vision includes Melton Foundation India becoming a Foundation with a broader impact, making a significant difference in urban and rural areas, and achieving recognition for its sustainability and community empowerment efforts.

 “The Melton Foundation is a really unique place because it invites everyone to come to the table, authentically connects them, and empowers them to go back and transform their own communities while transforming themselves. Melton Foundatio India is just an emerged organization, and the aim is to make it more sustainable.”, shared a Melton Fellow who partook in the gathering. 


The event commenced by introducing the purpose of the event: the establishment of Melton Foundation India. Dr. H.S. Jagadeesh, a member of the Board of Directors of the Melton Foundation, Ranjini Rao H S and Harsha M Krishna, Directors of Melton Foundation India, Senior and Junior Fellows, and staff, participated in the event.

The discussion on global hubs strategy focused on expanding the Melton Foundation’s presence and increasing its impact. The main strategies included starting local hub-specific activities, expanding the Foundation’s presence in schools and colleges, and enhancing outreach. Participants emphasized the need to “localize global citizenship.” Another critical aspect was overcoming language barriers to increase accessibility for common students, aiming to “reach a pedestal to do good”.

Sustainability was a major theme, with plans for better financial management and partnerships with corporations for sustainable projects. Melton Fellows stressed the importance of “harnessing the power of volunteers,” and underscored the need to “empower people to empower others.” Collaborations with tech and startup companies, schools, and the Government of India in education were also deemed essential for raising awareness and spreading the Foundation’s mission.

“Sustainability and Responsibility is a must. The society is ever-changing; we need to be more synonymous with change.” – Shravani Vangur, Melton Fellow

The vision-boards session outlined several ambitious goals for Melton Foundation India, focusing on public policy and startup innovation for underprivileged sectors. Dr. H.S. Jagadeesh envisioned Melton Foundation India becoming a top foundation with a broader impact. Melton Fellows also emphasized the need for continuity in long-term projects, making it easier for people to engage with Melton Foundation, stressing the importance of “education both inside and outside the system.”

The event concluded with a collective optimism and a strong commitment to making Melton Foundation India a beacon of global citizenship and community empowerment. As the local Foundation moves forward, the strategies and visions discussed during this event will serve as guiding principles to achieve greater impact and sustainability.

“The future for Melton Foundation India looks bright. As we are connected with different communities and organizations in India, we now have the opportunity to connect them to the globe. That is a wonderful thought and commitment to work for, and that is what I am looking for in Melton Foundation India.” – Harsha M Krishna, Director, Melton Foundation India and Senior Melton Fellow

At the Melton Foundation, we empower Global Citizens to lead grassroots projects, and enable transformative action in local communities. Get involved to discover how we support impactful initiatives and be part of our community driving positive change, and stay tuned for more from Melton Foundation India! Curious to learn about our other hubs? Check out Melton Foundation Africa, and Melton Foundation Latam today!