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Global Citizen #BecauseOfSchool

1.5 million people voted a good education as their number one priority in the United Nations MYWorld survey 2015. It’s time to remind the world why it’s important to invest in the one thing that citizens want most.

#BecauseOfSchool Campaign; Global Partnership for Education (GPE)

Our commitment to Global Citizenship starts with the right to education – for all children everywhere. Today, 57 million children around the world do not have access to even a basic education. This deprives them of a fair start in life and a gateway to knowledge about the world they live in.

We are partnering with the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) and supporting their message, which will form a part of their address to the Replenishment Conference on 26 June 2014: get world leaders to take responsibility and commit the necessary funds to ensure the right to basic education for all children on this planet.


Help spread the word and share your #BecauseOfSchool story on social media!

What did you achieve #BecauseOfSchool? What did your education give you? How did it help you become who you are today – a Global Citizen?

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School is something many of us take for granted. We are supporting GPE’s campaign to make sure this will be the case for many more citizens – soon!

For more information about the campaign, visit http://www.globalpartnership.org/becauseofschool