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Finding friendship wherever you go

StoryTelling is a project initiated by Melton Fellows to share short stories about people and their personal situations. The project team invites you to view the world through the eyes of our neighbours, creating a sense of emphathy, connection and mutual understanding.

Amber was 6 years and from Argentina; the only thing I knew about the other child was her origin. “I’m Ecuadorian!” she said proudly. It seemed as if they had known each other always, but in reality it was just a fleeting airportfriendship.

Waiting in line the time passed by slowly, but common ground , joys, and curiosity helped make everything more pleasent.

Someone wise once said, “Through the eyes of a child you will see the world as it ought to be.” It is through that innocence and curiosity that you become fearless. When do we lose that capacity to explore the world, make friends, and speak the truth? Where is that adventurous spirit as you become older? And why is it so difficult to replicate this trust and friendship as we age?