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Discover Palestine with Sofia Farah

In 2013, Sofia joined a group of young people – all of them of Palestinian origin – for a leadership program organized by Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation (HCEF). Traveling to Palestine and gaining first-hand experience about the Palestinian daily struggle triggered a transformation in her life.  Sofia decided to take action working with several different Palestinian organizations in Chile, primarily Fundación Belen 2000. Through fundraising and awareness campaigns for the Palestinian people and their cause, she has helped raise funds for humanitarian aid to be sent to Gaza and the West Bank.

Sofia shares her journey with you, a journey of finding her passion, a journey of facing challenges, a journey that made her embrace human rights on a global scale.

Sofia has been a Melton Fellow since 2005. She has been a volunteer for Fundación Belen 2000 for two years and has recently started working full time with them, dedicating her passion and professional skills to fundraising and providing humanitarian help to children in Palestine.

Melton Share Sessions provide a stage for individuals and organizations to model global citizenship. It’s a format where Fellows and friends of the Melton Foundation openly talk about their experiences and stories while broadcasting their actions to a wider public. Melton Share Sessions are organized year-round and open to everyone.

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