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ClimatePUSH: Mobilizing Classmates in Bangalore

ClimatePUSH is the campaign and the Facebook face of the Melton Foundation’s Climate Action Group. It has a simple motto: Be the solution, not the cause. The mission of the group is to help individuals and groups change their habits and take small, tangible actions in their everyday lives to affect a larger change in the environment. 

Mourya Basavaraj and Parithosh Jayanthi, two Melton Fellows from the BMS College of Engineering, took the Climate PUSH campaign to their campus in June 2014. They started off by asking students how they plan to reduce pollution and save energy, through simple acts. The students thought about it and  wrote down their solutions on placards. Mourya and Parithosh took pictures of this to share on the ClimatePUSH Facebook page.

In Mourya’s words, “The response was great! We noticed that most of them are willing to contribute but they didn’t know how to.” The two Melton Fellows explained to their colleagues the various ways they could contribute, taking small steps but making a big impact over time. 

For the next phase, they have decided to outsource the photography bit. They will capitalize on the “selfie trend” and ask people to take selfies while holding the placards with their solution for a better world. 

Kudos to the Climate PUSHers!