Home News & Stories Bursting Eggshells – Unlikely. Inspiring Projects – Expected.

Bursting Eggshells – Unlikely. Inspiring Projects – Expected.

Victor Hugo once said: “all the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come,” and here we are, challenging the world with great ideas!

For the third time, we invite Melton Fellows to submit their project ideas to the MF Idea Incubator.

The MF Idea Incubator helps incubate Fellows’ creative ideas to tackle global challenges – because good ideas need space, time, exchange, and effort. During a personalized six-month program that combines on-line collaboration and in-person working environments at the Global Citizenship Conference, we support a small group of selected Melton Fellows as they develop their ideas, so that these ideas become reality and the projects can be scaled for success.

Click HERE to learn more about the Idea Incubator 2014 and what it takes to apply.

The MF Idea Incubator has helped launch diverse projects including Mutual Building, a project that promotes global integration by building a bridge between marginalized groups from different communities and a Chemical Leasing project to encourage businesses to reduce chemical waste and pollution.

Apply before 10 May 2014 and transform your aspirations into powerful actions
– just like other Fellows before you!