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Bringing New, “Greener” Life to Ruined Parks

For their third afforestation drive, the BMS campus introduced a new and innovative initiative in partnership with the Rotaract Club of Peenya. “New Spark to the Park” is spreading awareness in the local community about the benefits of “greening” — and what better way than to restore a ruined community park? 

BMS Fellow Mourya Basavaraj explained, “This idea as a project was of shared with me by an uncle. He has been doing afforestation activities for many years through his own funded trust. His primary aim was to enlighten young people about the advantages and need for afforestation in the world. He had this wonderful idea of doing this through the concept of community takes charge of community. But he had trouble of engaging the interests of young people. That is when I stepped in and used the human resources I had in hand through the Melton Foundation and the Rotaract Club of Peenya to help me implement the idea.”

After selecting a park in need of help, the team contacted officials from the forest department to help plan the afforestation drive. They helped determine which plants were the best suited for the type of soil in the park, and other technical details. The team ordered the plants and spread word around the community, resulting in a great turn out from local residents, particularly young adults. 

The program kicked off with prayers to the ‘god of earth’, and included speeches from local seniors talking about the importance of afforestation and its benefits.

By the end of the day, 30 plants were in the ground (almost half of their total aim for the year of 100) and everyone enjoyed an amazing day. According to Basavaraj, many residents offered montetary help and other offers of assistance in future endeavors.