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Around the World in a Matter of Hours

When was the last time you traveled the globe in just one evening? MF Fellows on the Friedrich Schiller Universität campus team accomplished just that earlier this summer on June 30th, piloting their unique event, “Around the World in One Evening.” Welcoming participants from various countries, those who had spent time abroad and those simply interested in learning about other countries and cultures, the event divided attendees into two groups before the event began. Once everyone was split into either a “Traveler” or “Destination”, the fun began!

Travelers then had the opportunity talk to a Destination’s representative and ask just about anything — from questions on culture and cuisine to the dating process, anything and everything was open to all! 

Meant to be a fun and engaging event that would offer an opportunity to share and learn new cultural knowledge and insights, the event was met with such positive feedback that the project initiators now plan on building upon the concept. Next up: The team will pinpoint the broader issues to address, and how to adjust the event to the benefit of a larger audience.