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Animal Welfare : A Fellow Discovers How to CARE

As part of her New Fellows Training, Ranjini Rao HS was looking to interview someone who has a strong story, experience and opinion that they could share with us. She found an inspiring lady who works in the field of animal welfare ...

Meet Charlie, a 13 year old dog whose altruistic, patient and diplomatic interaction with autistic children served as an inspiration to the eponymous organization CARE, which finds its roots from CUPA (Compassion Unlimited plus Action), another animal welfare organization.

I had heard about CARE and had visited the organization before, had few of my friends donate money and other items which they required and I constantly followed their work. When a friend of mine gave me the contact of trustee Sudha Narayan. I immediately contacted her and she seemed very professional, caring and acknowledged our request for a quick interview. And even though I wasn’t new to CARE, the day of the interview is something very distinct and vivid in my memory, for what I was met with at the entrance just caught me off-guard and was overwhelming…

I entered through the main entrance, and a healthy, cute and friendly Labrador comes wagging his tail and guides you towards the reception and waits beside you until you are attended to. This is Dash, a 10 year old Labrador’s everyday routine. And one cannot help but fall in love with this gentle creature.

The trustee speaks..

When asked about the most heartrending story of animal abuse that she might have come across, Sudha Narayanan, with a sad retrospection talks about Dash and Dot. These Labradors were pushed from a car on a highway by their master and these dogs sat there without consuming anything for five days and staring in the direction in which the car sped away, hoping for them to come back and after a lot of efforts were brought to CARE and now they are hale and hearty and the most happiest dogs in their organization.

What is unique about this organization?

The most amazing point which strikes me about this organization is the response time and their efficiency. Most organizations either hesitate or respond quite late when it comes to rehabilitation of animals after rescue, but CARE is a breath of fresh air! The staff, helpers, volunteers and Dash – a Public Relations Officer 🙂 – are genuinely dedicated and highly efficient in their work. They have a well equipped hospital, an ambulance and an abundance of vets who are always ready to help, anytime!

It is no doubt that they would have rescued and housed all the ill-treated animals in the world if they could! But, change starts small and starts locally and with their extensive programs such as passive adoption, inpatient facility, boarding, canine therapy, humane education and many more they are definitely making cities such as Bengaluru, which has become more risky for these poor creatures, safer.

image013 There are many more such bittersweet stories of animals such as Dash and Dot and the mass media is the most effective way of communicating and reaching out to the public in general with regards to the organization and activities with a social cause such as street plays, skits, wall art have carved a niche for themselves as effective means of communication to the public, and if we consider the youth in particular then social media is definitely the way to go.

It is always possible to be a good person, choose the high road and make this world a better place for us and our fellow creations!

CARE is a wonderful organization which has successfully influenced and engaged the youth especially in working towards animal welfare and creating awareness. They have fundraisers, volunteering and various other activities which help draw the attention of the public towards this aspect. And it is our responsibility to make sure the world is as safe as possible for these beautiful animals.

Take an initiative; volunteer, adopt, speak out when you see an animal being hurt or ill treated. If not anything, do not undermine their existence and let them be at the least!

Let us convert the painful wails to wagging tails and blissful chirps and make sure they are as happy and respected as we humans are.

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