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Your window to Global change-making is here!

We, at the Melton Foundation, believe that global perspectives can enable local impact, and with the upcoming 28th Annual Global Citizenship Conference, intend to connect confident young leaders willing to challenge the status quo and reach out for a better tomorrow!

With the underlying theme of Sustainability, Technology, and Social Innovation, we are gearing up to showcase, explore and ideate new sustainable, technological, and social innovations, always with an eye on what global perspectives can add to local solutions. And what better place to celebrate intercultural melange, discuss and deliberate on socio-technical challenges, than the multicultural, diverse, and the new age silicon valley of India, Bangalore!

At the Global Solvers Co-Lab: 489 UN-limited, held in Aubervilliers in September 2018

Happening from the 23rd — 29th September 2019, the conference aims at providing a culturally diverse and intellectually enlightening experience with delegates from over six different countries; Germany, China, Chile, Ghana, the USA, and India!

At the 2018 Global Citizenship Conference in collaboration with NetImpact in Phoenix, Arizona!

The 25th of September presents an opportunity for students, young professionals, and activists to be part of a transformational experience at B.M.S College of Engineering in Bangalore, India! The #IndiaGCC2019 Open Day is an opportunity to meet like-minded achievers in the social impact field, share your story, and seek inspiration, social change, and innovation!
The carefully curated events include SpringBoard Sessions, Networking lunch, Hands-on Workshops culminating in a Cultural Evening Showcase!

As delegates, there is ample opportunity to engage in a diverse set of activities: Jump aboard the Springboard Sessions wagon! At Springboard Sessions, ideas fuse, experiences converge, and perceptions transform. A carefully curated platform for and by young innovators, Springboard Sessions feature stories of transformation that inspire new realms of possibility for how audience members focus their time and talents in both the immediate and long term.

A sneak peek into a SpringBoard session from the 2016 Global Citizenship Conference at Universidad de La Frontera in Temuco, Chile!

Engage and deliberate over delectable finger food at Networking Lunch! Take the opportunity to learn more about initiatives by the Melton fellows through 100 Acts Presentations, explore and interact with local organizations in the sustainable space; Biomimic Theory, Daily Dump Compost, Global Shapers Bangalore, Hasiru Dala Innovations, Indian Music Experience, and more at the Expo and Stalls.


At the Expo during NetImpact 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona

Networking Lunch is an opportunity to engage in conversations beyond the formal setting. A well-curated opportunity for delegates, speakers, organizers, academicians to connect with changemakers from over six different countries.
Get right into the action with Hands-On Workshops from social impact experts!

During a workshop at the Global Solvers Co-Lab: 489 UN-limited, held in Aubervilliers in September 2018

GCC workshops dive into the subject matter and unearth technology, sustainability and social innovation in greater depths. Participants can choose from different parallel workshops, each of which has a compelling topic in close association with the United Nations SDGs.

Immerse in an engaging and mesmerizing cultural evening!

At a Tai-Chi session at the 2015 Global Citizenship Conference in Hangzhou, China!

More often than not, our cultural differences overshadow what unites us, and at the #IndiaGCC2019, we persevere to remedy that. With a host of performances by local and international GCC participants from over six different countries (China, Chile, Ghana, India, Germany, and the US), the evening will see a host of different cultures coming together to celebrate, interact and learn from one another!

Presenting our distinguished speakers and storytellers!

The Melton Foundation is proud to present a host of talented speakers and presenters who are passionate about sustainability, technology, and social innovation. More information on the speakers here!

At this year’s Global Citizenship Conference, the Melton Foundation will be hosting a Civic dinner — a dinner where you will get the chance to have a meaningful, productive discourse about issues that matter! Join us on the 27th of September for an exclusive opportunity to dine with emerging leaders and community members and unpack Sustainability in daily life! You will be joined by table host — a passionate change-maker and innovation-leader who will guide you through the nuances of several selected global issues- and also by carefully selected delegates from other countries, like Ghana, China, the USA, Germany, and Chile.