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Young Climate Leaders

The world is full of incredible people who have something to say, a passion that makes their hearts beat, a reason that makes them smile and put all their worries behind. Sometimes, you’re lucky enough to find a lot of inspiring people all together in a place, and you know what? I’m a lucky person, because I had the amazing opportunity to met Rehia, a pretty young lady who wants to take action in order to make this world better for herself and her little brother.

Here she is, in her own words:

“Hello, my name is Rehia Javaria Qais, daughter of Prof. Dr. Qais Aslam and Prof. Javaria Qais. I am from Lahore, Pakistan. I am 9 years old. Currently I am in third class at Lahore Grammar School (LGS). I am interested in issues related to environment protection and climate change, because my mother is a Climate Leader and my dad teaches Environmental Economics. I’m also a member of Green School with WWF, Lahore. My teachers are passionate about protecting nature, helping the animal world to survive and teaching us how to use less water and plastic, so that we have cleaner cities and can create a better world for us humans to live healthier lives and in harmony with our natural world.”

I was really surprised by her. It’s awesome how a 9-year-old girl can have this level of awareness and commitment. Personally, at that age, I used to watch Power Rangers and Pokémon instead of worrying about solving global issues.

At the closing ceremony of the Climate Reality Leadership Conference, she recited a poem she wrote called “Let it Spin”, for which she got a standing ovation.



Let It Spin

Bumblebees need the blossoms to make their honey sweet

Blossoms need the bees to stir up the pollen with their feet

Isn’t that a nice piece of work?

Isn’t it amazing the way the pieces fit?

A nice piece of work, isn’t it?


We breathe in and we breathe out many, many times a day

We breathe out- the trees breathe in

And they send it back our way

Isn’t that a nice piece of work

Isn’t it amazing the way the pieces fit

A nice piece of work, isn’t it?


It’s a perfect spinning circle

Balanced on a pin

Don’t touch it, don’t touch it

Let it spin.