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You snooze, you lose: MF shares tips on engaging event-goers at UN

All of us have snoozed through workshops, meetings, or classes with boring PowerPoint presentations. We’ve also participated in exciting activities that spark our curiosity and connect us to new ideas and people. Senior fellow Raphael Richards and executive director Winthrop Carty joined Convener.org’s session on great facilitation techniques that avoid the snooze and instead ignite people’s interest and participation. The session was part of the Mentor Capital Network (MCN) annual conference held July 9th at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Raphael, Winthrop, and 30 other “conveners” exchanged best practices on how to achieve high-energy and deep-thinking interaction when convening emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. You may see some of these pop up at the next GCC! 
The Melton Foundation recently joined Conveners.org, an organization that “convenes the conveners” as a select community to share cutting-edge techniques and other resources for making events more effective and impactful. Stay tuned for other opportunities through this new partnership!  In the meantime you can sign up for Convener.org‘s newsletter at: http://www.conveners.org/ctc-list-signup.