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White Paper: State of Global Citizenship

How do we reconcile local, and global requirements? How do we change the rising tide of looking inward into a rising awareness of integrating with the global community to solve one's problems?
The State of Global Citizenship debates, discusses, and proposes the future for Global Citizenship, taking into account the changing dynamics of a world in flux and the conflict between regional and global interests worldwide.

‘State of Global Citizenship’ – A White Paper, where practitioners and experts from the field discuss, debate, analyze, and evaluate Global Citizenship from multiple stands and multiple perspectives, to create a fresh, wholesome narrative.

The world today is in flux. It has dynamic streams of activities interwoven with each other, facilitating exchange and mixing of populations, ideas, cultures, technologies, and innovations. It is against this backdrop that we view Global Citizenship – a concept that goes beyond cultures and boundaries. Global Citizenship connotes a oneness that does not recognize the geographical or cultural divisions of humanity. It connotes an underlying current of core values that constitute the collective human conscience. Global Citizenship is not just another modern concept propounded by the elites – it represents the universal spirit that binds us all.

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For 30 years and counting, the Melton Foundation strives to enable people to connect and unite in the face of common challenges. With the belief that no global issue has a silver bullet or alone savior; solutions, those that work and stand the tests of time and place, are borne out of collaboration, networking, desire and real-time action, we embody diversity and the dynamicity that comes with it.

But what really is Global Citizenship? Can it have a single definition encompassing all its characteristics? What does it imply for those adopting it? How can it heal and strengthen fractured societal wounds and propel us towards a holistic, balanced future?

Having collated our experiential learnings and stitched together lessons, our maiden White Paper, titled ‘State of Global Citizenship’, is inspired by a panel conversation from the Global Citizenship Conference 2019, with partner organizations such as the Amani Institute, Selco Foundation, egomonk, Bridge47, Ashoka, Citizens for Bengaluru, among others. This paper dispels numerous myths and offers respite from verbatim for readers who are new to the concept of Global Citizenship. Interesting insights given by our panelists are translated into concise expressions in order to make our White Paper an enlightening and joyful read for a global audience.

The objective of the White Paper is simple:

  • Familiarize communities with the concept of Global Citizenship and provide an honest, clear picture of it.

  • Analyze the current state of Global Citizenship, evaluate issues preventing its widespread adoption and put forward suggestive remedies.

We seek to debunk the misperceptions surrounding Global Citizenship and invite people everywhere to question, reflect and join the discourse.

To access the full version of our White Paper, download your copy here!