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Unity in Diversity: An Open Mic

Experience Global Citizenship and Intercultural dimensions through Art! Welcome to a Melton Foundation Bengaluru Hub event curated for artists to converge for a virtual evening of creativity, and self-expression unfurling hitherto unknown layers of Global Citizenship!

For as long as we can remember, art has been a form of communication. It keeps cultures alive, showcasing diversity in all its beauty and often acting as a bridge from one culture to another. It is a therapeutic medium of self-expression, a celebration of an idea,  solidarity in support of a movement amongst many other uses. The flagship Melton Foundation Open Mic, being organized as part of the Melton Foundation’s virtual Global Citizenship Week 2021, aims to offer a platform for talented Bangaloreans to showcase their art in any of its various forms as we celebrate Global Citizenship, and more importantly, the value of cultural diversity.  

  • When: 19th April 2021
  • Time and Duration: 7 PM IST – 9 PM IST
  • Where: Virtual Meeting on Zoom  
  • Theme: Experience Global Citizenship and Intercultural dimensions through Art

Join the event via Livestream below!

This Global Citizenship Week, revel in the joy of expression and individuality! We welcome artists with a background in social impact, with strong relevance to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. If you or someone you know can share stories of grassroots sustainable development, diversity, and culture through art, this open mic night is the ideal opportunity!

Join the Youtube live to participate in ‘Unity in Diversity: An Open Mic’ and witness diversity come alive in many forms – storytelling, poetry, music, dance, or any other art form!

What’s in it for you?

  • Networking with other artists and global citizen activists! Additionally, meet and network with our diverse Melton Fellows and find opportunities to get involved with the Melton Foundation
  • A Digital Certificate of Recognition will be provided upon request to performing artists 

Terms and Conditions

  • This is a digital event streamed on YouTube, via Zoom. 
  • You may face interruptions during the course of the live stream due to internet connectivity issues.
  • Show details and the artist lineup are subject to change as per the artist’s discretion.
  • There is no monetary remuneration for artists. Participation is completely voluntary. 
  • The selected performers get up to 7 minutes of stage time to showcase their art and their journey. Performances may consist of a pre-recorded video and a live talk or a completely live performance plus storytime.
  • We are committed to a respectful, safe environment free from harassment, violence, discrimination, bullying, abuse, and solicitation. All parties, artists, and attendees are to be treated with respect and dignity. Participation in activities or behaviors that discriminate on the grounds of race, color, place of origin, gender, age, marital status, religious beliefs, citizenship, mental and physical abilities, sexual orientation, or any other prohibited grounds within applicable law will not be tolerated.

Our open mic night provides a stage for local artists to showcase their talent, and share intercultural perspectives with a diverse audience!