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Unity in Diversity: An Open Mic

Experience Global Citizenship and Intercultural dimensions through Art! Welcome to a Melton Foundation Bengaluru Hub event curated for artists to converge for a virtual evening of creativity, and self-expression unfurling hitherto unknown layers of Global Citizenship!

For as long as we can remember, art has been a form of communication. It keeps cultures alive, showcasing diversity in all its beauty and often acting as a bridge from one culture to another. It is a therapeutic medium of self-expression, a celebration of an idea,  solidarity in support of a movement amongst many other uses. The flagship Melton Foundation Open Mic, organized as part of the Melton Foundation’s Virtual Global Citizenship Week 2021, offered a platform for talented artists to showcase their art in any of its various forms as we celebrated Global Citizenship, and more importantly, the value of cultural diversity.  

  • When: 19th April 2021
  • Time and Duration: 7 PM IST – 9 PM IST
  • Where: Live Streamed on YouTube – here 
  • Theme: Experience Global Citizenship and Intercultural dimensions through Art

Relive the event below!

This Global Citizenship Week, we reveled in the joy of expression and individuality! We welcomed artists with a background in social impact, with strong relevance to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our performers shared stories of grassroots sustainable development, diversity, and culture through art!

Witness diversity come alive in many forms – storytelling, poetry, music, dance, and paintings at ‘Unity in Diversity: An Open Mic’!


Looking Back at the Open Mic – Top Highlights!

The evening of 19th April, 2021 proved to be a joyful one, emanating rays of hope and filling everyone’s hearts with joy as we celebrated Global Citizenship and diversity through the medium of various art forms! Eight artists from different countries came together to perform at the Open Mic, leaving behind an audience awed by their talent and swayed by their performances!

Here are the major highlights of ‘Unity in Diversity’ :

  • Minal Sukumar (Spoken Word) narrated a poem which was inspired by her personal experience and had its roots steeped in diversity – in all its forms. Her poetry left a lasting impression on the people present and Minal’s words, “ Our hearts and minds are the same ; even in difference” captured the essence of the Open Mic!
  • Alafia Stewart (Music) brought a big smile to everyone’s face as she and her daughter jointly delivered a song reflecting the desire to face each day with renewed vigor, hope and bravery!
  • Claris Nadini (Dance) delivered a dance performance which combined her cultural heritage with her dancing prowess and prompted everyone present to join her with the powerful rhythm and beats of her moves!
  • Sangeetha S (Music) filled the atmosphere with a beautiful medley of Indian music! As she said, “The beauty of Indian music lies in its intricacy and spontaneity”, which was enunciated through four different songs depicting a multitude of emotions!
  • Yacobeh (Flow Art) left an indelible imprint on the minds of those who watched his performance as he combined the element of fire with the art of dance to deliver a fiery performance that left the audience awestruck!
  • Vicente and Constanza (Musical Duet) performed a cover of ‘La Jardinera’ by Violeta Parra, a much beloved song which traces its roots to Chilean folklore! Their joint rendition not only highlighted their culture but also infused joy into the hearts of the listeners!
  • Harshinee (Spoken Word) delivered a poem which relayed how culture, with all its diverse elements, still becomes a part of your identity within your home! Her poem ‘Spelling Culture’ is sure to resonate with many of us, who have incorporated within ourselves the intricacies of the environment in which we grew up!
  • May Garces (Music and Art) showcased diversity not only in her performance, but also through the various dimensions of art forms she used to convey her message! Her paintings called upon us to take apart some time and listen to our emotions, her song represented the rich cultural heritage inherent in her and her dance video inspired us to use the talents within us to re-energize ourselves!

Unity in Diversity, as the name suggests, invited artists from across boundaries for indulging in the shared joy of diversity and the result was the coalescence of various art forms, cultures, languages and emotions into a single thread of universal oneness!

Our open mic night proved to be a stage for local artists to showcase their talent, and share intercultural perspectives with a diverse audience! Catch the complete recording of the night here!