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Towards 21st Century Citizenship at WISE 2013

October 29-31: Michael Reksulak speaks at WISE Summit, joined by Navneeth Prasanna Kumar and Raphael Richard

The 2013 WISE Summit – Reinventing Education for Life – hosted by the World Innovation Summit for Education, an initiative of the Qatar Foundation brings together more than 1200 prominent education, corporate, political and social leaders from over 100 countries to take part in three days of debate, dialog and networking. Each year, at the Summit, the WISE Prize for Education to an individual or team for Outstanding Achievements in Education is announced.

Michael Reksulak (FSU), the chair of the Melton Foundation’s Board of Directors participated in a panel discussion “Towards 21st Century Citizenship”, speaking about global citizenship and education. During the panel, audience members discussed how global citizenship is “21st century citizenship”. A poll relating to the panel discussion asked,

“Should our education systems prioritize the teaching of a common set of universal values?”

As of midway through the #WISE13 Summit, 71% of the respondents had voted “Yes”, indicating that the values of global citizenship might need to become part of our global education systems.

In addition to the panel discussion, we were also delighted to be represented by our Fellows Navneeth Prasanna Kumar (BMS) and Raphael Richard (DU), who are both working on innovation and education, and met and networked with other leaders in these fields.

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