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SexEd4All … or Sex Education For All

This project is the result of deep friendship and a passion to work towards solving a pressing issue.

What happens when a group diverse group of committed citizens of the world come together and some are passionate about sex education, others about participatory design and others about coding? SexEd4All: a team of Melton Fellows from Chile, Germany and India that develops a culturally sensitive platform for young people to learn and exchange around the topics of puberty, sex and sexuality. This project is the result of deep friendship and a passion to work towards solving a pressing issue.

Everything started with an online course on participatory design at MIT D-Lab and a design thinking festival at HPI School of Design Thinking. The course and the festival brought this team together and inspired them to take action. Cornelia and Julia had worked in the field of Sex-Education before and wanted to turn their passion into action. In the context of a growing culturally diverse society in Germany, they started to explore what a culturally sensitive way of sex education could look like.

Pedro, Pooja and Lisa are experienced co-designers and reinforced the idea of a co-design process. The team works closely with sex-ed experts, social workers and youngsters of different cultural backgrounds to ensure that the product fits the users’ needs. Paritosh is a developer and Hector is a designer, who add know-how and experience in coding and visuals to the team. While each team member contributes with a different background, everyone is involved in all stages to collectively learn and build new skills and capacities. And, the team chose to use open source technology that ensures a low-barrier collaborative development process.


Together, they created a project proposal that was later elected for the Prototype Fund, an initiative of the Open Knowledge Foundation to support open source development. Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany, the team and its collaborators are now working to transform their ideas into a prototype by September 2018.

For more information about the Project (in German), click here!


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