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Podcasts: Bringing Storytelling for Change to life

Through our collaborative programs, we promote and enable global citizenship as a way for individuals and organizations to work together across boundaries of place and identity to solve challenges in an interconnected world. And as part of many initiatives to do so, we also record and publish InterCultural Podcasts from around the world! Happy Listening!

Hot Topics, Intercultural Dialogue, Current Affairs, and friendly, thought-provoking conversation! 

The HotPod, a podcast series that launched in 2019, culminates latest global news, intercultural stories, and encourages dialogue about pressing global issues in different corners of the world. In our episodes, you can find engaging conversation from topics around the role of social startups and advancements in technology, social entrepreneurship around mental health, the socio-political climate in countries around the world, gender (in)equality, civil unrest, protests, and citizen uprising to name a few! Listen to our stream below and find more episodes here

For more episodes, visit anchor.fm/the-melton-foundation today!