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Our Impact in Review: 2019

The Melton Foundation looks back at over 25 years of shaping young minds through experiential learning, skill development, and intercultural exposure. In a first-of-its-kind Annual Impact Report, we uncover our methodologies, strategy, and secrets on what it takes to bring Global Citizenship to life across world demographies and regions. Join us as we walk you through all of the collaborative action, thought and ethical leadership initiatives, and transformative experiences that shaped our year.

We are delighted to present the annual report for the Melton Foundation for 2019. It has been a very productive year full of changes and highlights. In its 28th year of its existence, the Melton Foundation is continuing its exciting journey to be one of the leading proponents of Global Citizenship. – Dr. Steffen Bethmann, Executive Director 

Situated in six geographical locations in the world, the Melton Foundation educates young people to become conscious leaders, who put their minds and hearts into practice. In our core program, we train our fellows in fields like cultural empathy, design thinking, project management, public relations, or storytelling. We do so through a mix of online activities and face-to-face meetings. Our Fellows then act as multipliers implementing their own projects centered around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In our global meetings, we foster intercultural learning and collaborate with local communities. Additional to skill development, our aim is to create safe spaces where sensitive global and local issues can be discussed. It is often there, where the magic happens, and we and our Fellows realize how similar we are in our diversity. This mixture of intercultural learning and social innovation is the spice of what makes the Melton Foundation special. 

Our Annual Impact Report – 2019 throws light on pivotal aspects of our Global Citizenship model. What is the problem statement we are trying to address? What is our solution?

Problem Statement – Today’s greatest challenges, from climate change to poverty, inequality to displacement, natural resource depletion to overpopulation, are global in nature. The finding of a solution needs collaborative action. But, too often they are approached from too narrow a framework, be it the city or nation, or with too broad, one-size-fits-all solutions that disregard the agency and knowledge of local actors. We need collaborative approaches to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Our SolutionWe believe in investing in young change-makers to become Global Citizens. We select student leaders and train them in skills like intercultural communication, design thinking, social innovation and project management. Our Melton Fellows are connected with peers and social impact leaders world wide and are given opportunities to experience cultures and solutions different than their own. They act as multipliers, in turn impacting their own communities through tangible actions.

Following deep insight into our Program Model, our core strategy and implementation, the report takes you back in time to experience some of our biggest highlights from the year 2019, with ‘Outreach and Collaborations’ being our key drivers for change.


A top-highlight of the year was the Global Citizenship Conference 2019, in Bengaluru, India. At the intersection of Technology, Sustainability, and Social Innovation, we formed collaborations and surged towards collective sustainable development. Melton Fellows and community from six global partner regions were at the forefront of hands-on workshops, cultural experiences, and skill development. 

Through 2019, Melton Fellows and community members represented the spirit of Global Citizenship and social responsibility at various international events. BRIDGE 47 – A Call for Civic Action at the International Civil Society Week, Belgrade, Serbia, APUF-7, Sustainability Reporting Summit, and the Global Citizenship Orientation Week in Berlin, Germany are some examples where Melton Fellows were ambassadors of change. 2019 witnessed our Fellows thought-leading the way with compelling narratives around Sustainable Action. Our 100 Acts of Global Citizenship program, Storytelling for Change project, and showcases at global social change conferences opened doors to intercultural experiences and international collaboration.

For more insight, to get to know our team, our vision, and more, view/download the full edition of our Annual Impact Report 2019 here