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Melton Share: Mixing the Art and Science of Living Sustainably

Solar energy has immense potential, both in terms of being a source to generate electricity as well as a pure energy source. The efficiency of solar energy may not be the highest of all available renewable sources; however the easy accessibility in harnessing it is of far greater importance.

Large-scale solar projects help make our energy production cleaner but it’s the small projects that count much larger in terms of sustainability. Harnessing solar energy and utilizing it at the source is becoming a life source in many inaccessible and remote regions of developing and under-developed nations. Its use in the field of agriculture in rural India has been vital to the survival of many farmers and has also led to sustainable energy households in cities.

Sonali is passionate about mixing science with the art of living sustainably to form a cohesive sphere of existence. She has found a career that helps her put this passion into practice in the renewable energy department of ABB India. Watch the Melton Share to find out how Sonali at ABB and others have put successful projects like these on the ground in India and other countries, and learn how you can contribute using this almost inexhaustible resource.

Sonali has been a Melton Fellow since 2011. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from BMS College of Engineering. An ardent reader and fan of any good story, she also writes for the local community newsletter “The Urban Post” to create awareness on various topics from Transgender rights to clean energy. After being bitten by the travel bug at a young age, her quest to experience various cultures and cuisines has led her to many unique and diverse countries. She enjoys meeting new people and engaging in discussions ranging from the beauty of ancient Egypt to social evils that plague the world today. She is a staunch advocate for women’s rights and fighting the long battle to break harmful stereotypes. When at home, she enjoys spending time with her family, flying kites and taking in beautiful sunsets behind the Bangalore skyline, or having experimental baking adventures. She believes that life is for living and in enjoying and valuing every experience, no matter how small or big it maybe.