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I can’t believe I am a ….GODPARENT!

For over 10 years, Senior Fellows have guided New Fellows as they discover the diversity and potential that lives in this incredible Foundation and our community; they have told the many stories that have never been written down; they have built relationships rooted in trust and mutual respect, and met new frieds for life.

Another cycle of our legendary Godparents Program is about to start and we invite our Senior Fellows and Junior Fellows in their third year to become a godmother or godfather to a New Fellow 2014!

Being a godparent is simple, fun, and a great way tell your stories of when you first joined the Foundation – and the many things that happend ever since. All it takes is to

  • sign up today
  • start the conversation via email, Skype, or social media
  • discover and learn together
  • help your godchild get the most out of the Melton Fellowship

If you feel you have become a little rusty in MF matters, don’t worry! Being a godparent is also a good opportunity for you to get first-hand insights from your godchild about what the MF is currently up to.

Click here to register by 14 Dec 2014 and meet your godchild before this year comes to an end.

For questions, concerns, or support as you prepare to be a Melton Godparent, please don’t hesitate to contact Lars Dietzel directly.