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Deep Dive Chile 2015: Hands-on global citizenship education 2.0

The call for applications to the Melton Foundation’s 2015 Deep Dive is now open. This year’s Deep Dive is themed “Public, rural education and indigenous people in Chile: an opportunity for global citizenship education 2.0?”

0f2a1e9a734cdabThe Deep Dive is a global activity co-organized by the Melton Foundation, which combines two of the organization’s core principles: working across boundaries to create local solutions to global challenges, and experiential learning. 

The three-month project is divided into four phases: first, fellows team up with the community and local partner organizations to identify the needs on the ground; they then develop the plans for the project. The main phase is the actual project trip, when fellows and their partners implement the project. Finally, a follow-up and reflection on lessons learned should help identify possibilities for continuity.

The in-person, on-the-ground component will take place July 25 to August 2 in Temuco and Galvarino communes, Chile.

Mañiuco is a rural primary school outside Temuco. Almost all the students — about 80 underprivileged children between 4 and 15 years old — belong to the Mapuche ethnic group.


526Melton Fellows are already deeply involved in the school’s development. Last April, fellows from UFRO Campus had their first visit of the year to Mañiuco School. They started preparations to build a new library for Mañiuco School, following last year’s successful crowdfunding campaign. During their visit, fellows worked with first and second-year students, on the importance of reading, and asked the children for input so they can contribute to the creation of a new environment for studying and learning.

And, on May 14, the school received new recycling bins as a component of the MF’s project, which will offer workshops and courses related to environment themes in order to raise awareness and motivate students through acts.

Up to eight Senior and Junior Fellows (in their last year) will be selected for the Dive. They will bring knowledge and expertise in areas such as teaching, education management, behavioral psychology and project management.

Learn more about this year’s Deep Dive, and apply today! (Applications open to Fellows only)