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ClimathonBLR2020 – Impact

On the 5th, 6th, and 7th of November 2020, the Melton Foundation in partnership with CSTEP Bangalore, organized the Climathon Bengaluru 2002. Inspired by EIT Climate-KIC, the innovation marathon culminated in prototypes that sought to ameliorate the current climate status quo and develop solutions to Urban Waste Management. 

UN SDG 13: Climate Action spells out the need to  “Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts”. #ClimathonBLR was a step ahead in Climate Action efforts. It brought together the best of minds from Bengaluru, India, and nearby cities and emphasized the potential of successful implementation of novel solution ideas that withstand real-life situations before anything else. The participants belonged to varied backgrounds and professions. They were divided into interdisciplinary cohorts so as to create a healthy, fertile ground for unique, innovative, and holistic solutions to spring up!

With #ClimathonBLR, we joined a global movement to design solutions that address the problem of poor air quality rampant in the cities we live in today. Our Climathon hinged on the very hope we have outlined above and produced unique, brilliant, and enticing solutions. With this event, we shined a light on the power of team-work and a multidisciplinary, proactive attitude to solve some of the world’s most pressing maladies. 

Owing to the present circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic and universal restrictions on mobility, the entire event was conducted in the virtual model. We employed several online platforms and extensively utilized social media to ensure our message reached the masses and conduct the event in a smooth and convenient manner. 

We are proud to present the winners of #ClimathonBLR 2020:

  • 2nd Runner – Up: Team Aryabhatta
  • 1st Runner – Up: Team Climate Crew
  • Winner: Team OrGcompost
  • #ClimathonBLR Champion : Manasi Jaggi

Hear from our participants on the impact of the event:

Indu K Murthy (Mentor and Judge) shares,

“All of the participants are going back with a whole lot of memories, lessons, networking, and friendships. Now, they must carry forward the energy and dynamism to scale their innovations. They are the next generation who are the key to transforming our city.”

Manasi Jaggi – Climathon Bengaluru 2020 Champion, shares,

“I am more than humbled by this recognition. A big thank you to all the judges, mentors, and team members for creating such a beautiful ecosystem in which I could be open-minded and present my ideas without running the risk of being judged. Before the Climathon, I had a unilateral perspective of either pursuing my passion for technology or indulging in environmental conservation. Now, after the Climathon, both my passions have converged.”

Learn more about the ClimathonBLR2020 by reading the full event report here! Stay engaged with us by connecting here!