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Connecting in Pride

On 2nd July 2022, the Melton Foundation hosted a Virtual Townhall to connect around stories, share laughs, increase awareness, and celebrate LGTBQI+ pride together!

Pride Month- Acknowledging LGBTQI+ community

Pride month has epitomized the symbolic struggle of the LGBTQI+ community. In commemoration of the Stonewall Uprising in 1969, Pride month is celebrated every June to honor the impact that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersexual + individuals have had on society at the local and the global level.

SDG 10 focuses on reducing inequalities. The SDGs themselves proclaim the need to leave no one behind. Today, we can see significant progress in legal protection for LGBTQI+ people – and yet, progress looks very different from place to place. 

And here we are, a 30-year-old organization dedicated to connecting individuals and organizations across boundaries of place and identity to achieve greater things together, joining the celebration by hosting our very own virtual townhall! On 2nd July 2022, we hosted a Melton Foundation Virtual Townhall to connect around stories, share laughs, increase awareness, and celebrate LGTBQI+ pride together in a fun, conversational, intimate way. Close to 15 Melton Fellows joined the event to interact and participate in trivia rounds that gauged their awareness about the LGBTQI+ community!

Virtual Townhall- Details

Virtual Townhalls present a session format that allows us to create spaces of virtual encounters for Fellows and friends of the Melton Foundation to connect around timely issues and relevant topics.

All Fellows and friends of the Melton Foundation joined the space to share, learn & grow together, regardless of whether they identify as LGBTQI+, as allies, or else.

Spoken Word Performances

The event also witnessed Lighthouse – Storytelling for Change, an non-profit media organization dedicated to providing an open platform for storytellers around the world, delivering spoken word performances. The Melton Foundation is the parent organization of Lighthouse and supports its projects.

Watch a short performance below!

The Melton Foundation is committed to promoting Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) both within the organization as well as through endeavors and activities that bring together voices across the spectrum! Conversations that bring in intercultural perspectives are pivotal to the interactions we aim to have, while equality and inclusivity are cornerstones of every initiative we design, in close alignment with the SDGs. In the same vein, we stand with the LGBTQI+ community and their representation in spheres cutting across domains and borders!

Stay in touch, exchange experiences and connect in pride – we look forward to it!