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Annual Impact Report 2021

A leading proponent of global citizenship practice worldwide, the Melton Foundation celebrated 30 years of shaping young minds through experiential learning, skill development, and intercultural exposure in 2021! We have built a 500+ network of Fellows who carry out impact projects around the world, and our association with the 17 UN SDGs further acts as an impetus for our Fellows and partners to join hands and carve a better future together through actionable, and sustainable programs. Read on to access the full report, and relive the year 2021 with us!

“30 years of the Melton Foundation is a time to celebrate. It is also a time to thank our founders Bill Melton and Patricia Smith, our former and current staff, Task Team Members, Fellows, presenters, trainers, donors, and so many more who have made the foundation what it is today. 30 years ago, the Melton Foundation started with the simple idea of connecting young people across the world. Today, this notion remains an integral part of our organizational DNA. Still, we have committed to deepening what that means in the Melton Foundation context and beyond.

Over the years, we have learned that truly connecting people includes a commitment to creating inclusive spaces. Inclusive are spaces where all members feel welcome, valued, and respected. Only in spaces where people can bring their full selves without fear of judgment or isolation, can true connection grow. For us, it is thus important that all members of our community internally and externally feel empowered to express themselves, are appreciated for their unique contributions, and be recognized for their accomplishments. At the same time, our programs do not operate in a vacuum. Spaces are only truly inclusive if they facilitate and promote the participation of a diverse set of people. For our programs, this means providing diverse ways of engagement, ensuring safe participation, and compensating for systemic inequalities.”

—- shares Julian Klauke, the Board of Directors, Chair, at the Melton Foundation.

In our journey of creating inclusive spaces and advancing Global Citizenship, 2021 was a transcendental year for the Foundation. 

Most recently, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the Melton Foundation reimagined Global Citizenship for a virtual era and transformed the calendar into an eclectic mix of online Townhalls, Panels, a Global Citizenship Week, Innovation Marathons, and digital performances! Join us as we journey into the thirty transformational years that have led us to where we are today, and as we define what the road ahead could look like. At the core of our activities lies the mission to promote Global Citizenship. We believe in the power of collaboration to solve today’s pressing challenges. Throughout our programs and activities, we advocate for awareness that our actions have implications globally, responsibility towards our community and planet, and action-driven initiatives that produce tangible impact. 

Access the Full Impact Report here, and partake in rediscovering our key learnings, takeaways, lessons, and triumphs from the year 2021!