Yule was in my class when I was teaching there with other junior fellows from MFZU.

His home is in another village which is about two hours walk from Baiji. He lives in the school during the weekdays and is picked up by his grandmother on Friday and sent back to school again on Monday morning.

This picture was taken in 2013 when we first visited him in weekend. I was exhausted when I arrived there and it is not difficult to imagine how hard it will be for this little kid. They were eating chestnuts.

They are the grandparents of Yule. Yule’s parents work in the cities and they take care of Yule during weekend. They told me that next year Yule’s parents would take him to the cities for school. What really moved me is that when I came back to visit them again almost a year after, they still recognized me and extended their hospitality to me.