Yong is my favorite boy in my class. His parents work in the city, so he lives with his parents during their vacations. Last summer, he was staying with his parents in town and I didn’t see him.

Yong with his best friend, Chenyang.

Yong is the most outgoing student in my class, and has shown a talent for handicrafts. When I first arrived, he and Chenyang showed me around the village and were a great help to me.

What makes him even more special is his sensitivity and fragility. He was scratched by his classmate while he was showing us the way to Yule’s family. He didn’t say anything to me but hid himself in the bushes and cried. I can tell that under his vibrant exterior he is really a sensitive boy. 

One day we were hanging out and with so many kids around me I didn’t spend too much time with Yong. He felt left out and started crying. His behavior made me wonder if it was due to the lack of parental care in his daily life.