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‘Women Work Wonders’ – A new reality in Nigeria

Women Work Wonders, a Melton Fellow led project, is bridging gaps in employment, skilling, and counseling for women who have remained un(der) employed and need strong professional support and awareness to begin or resume their careers or start-up, and be financially independent", shares Melton Fellow Ranjini Rao on her cross-geo project aimed at transforming the lives of women in Nigeria, and India.

“The participants have come a long way since their day 1 of training, and have been demonstrating the skills they have learned through regular assessments which are live-streamed on Facebook, and many of them have expressed a desire to start their own businesses post-training. Hence, to ensure the sustainability of our efforts and to support the 10 women selected under the program with domain-specific mentoring and insights, the project team has conceptualized the Women Work Wonders Nigeria Global Mentoring Program“, shares project leader Ranjini Rao HS, Melton Fellow from Bangalore, India.

The idea is to facilitate connections between the participants of the program, and individuals in the Melton Foundation network through common and 1-1 mentoring sessions in specific domains. Get a glimpse into the program and its goals, and learn how you can support by tuning into the podcast below! 

How does it work?

  • A 1 month curated mentor-mentee engagement program with Margaret Afolake and Ranjini Rao HS as moderators will be held online through interactive sessions on skills such as Digital marketing, launching businesses on social media (Facebook ads), video making, and Inventory management.
  • Post the 1-month engagement, interested mentors and mentees will be connected 1-1 based on need and convenience, to ensure flexibility and a more personalized approach to mentoring.

Who are we looking for?

  • Individuals with expertise in any of the listed areas such as Fundraising, personality development/capacity building, Digital marketing, Launching a business on social media (Facebook ads), Video making, Stock keeping (inventory management).
  • 1 hr per week of commitment minimum 
  • Must be able to demonstrate why they would be a good mentor (keeping in mind the target community)
  • Individuals familiar with the African community and can relate well with the participants. This will enhance a deeper connection between mentors and the WWW beneficiaries.

Let’s together ensure these women feel supported, sign-up here to learn how to become a volunteer mentor! Learn more about the project, its goals, and its impact here