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Time to Pack

It is time to leave.

So that means it is time to pack. I hate packing. With a passion actually. I would hate to forget something or to show up and think “I wish I brought that, or I really needed that!” So you can see that my dislike of packing is more about an anxiety of being unprepared.

In an effort to feel prepared I have made list after list and sought out to cross off the items on those lists, as I am that person who gets an inordinate amount of pleasure out of crossing things off lists, but in the end, what travel has taught me is that being unprepared (within reason–nothing crazy now ) keeps you on your toes. With nothing throws you for a loop–you aren’t compelled to try something new. Unprepared teaches you to adapt and see what is around you.

Unprepared gives you experiences, unprepared gives you stories and unprepared changes you forever.

next stop Port au Prince!