Making the most of the Senior Fellowship

Since the Melton Foundation's initiation in 1991, our community has grown to over 600+ Senior Fellows from across the globe, representing a myriad of professions, skills, aspirations and motivations. We look back at over three decades of Melton Fellows joining the Foundation and forging life-long connections.

The Melton Foundation offers a variety of incentives and opportunities to its Fellows aimed at supporting personal and professional development and strengthening our community of global citizenship practice.

The biggest value, however, comes with every Fellow – their engagement, their contribution, their availability, and their openness to share. As a community, we thrive in Fellows’ participation, and aim to build a symbiotic relationship with you!

We hope being part of the Senior Fellowship becomes an enriching and mutually beneficial journey for you that yields powerful connections and deep collaborations within our community and beyond. Enjoy the ride, and once again: We’re thrilled to have you onboard, Senior Fellows!

How the Melton Foundation continues to support Senior Fellows

  • Fellowship and Recognition: Inclusion in the life-long Melton Fellowship as a valued alum!

  • Professional Networking and Support: Request letters of recommendation from Melton Foundation staff members for professional purposes.

  • Funding Opportunities: Apply for Melton Foundation Action Grants to secure project funding for your dream initiatives!

  • Professional Development: Develop global competence and professional portfolio through various roles within the Melton Foundation.

  • Strategic Engagement: Learn about global Non-profit Strategy, work with experienced peers, and exchange ideas, by participating in our ad-hoc strategy-development groups and committees. Learn first-hand about how to build and operate a global Foundation, with a robust Fellowship and collaborative programs.

  • Public Profile Enhancement: Become a featured Melton Fellow and enhance your public profile as a Global Citizen and change agent.

  • Support and Guidance: Utilize the support of Melton Foundation staff for guidance and assistance in various endeavors.

How can you support the Melton Foundation and our Global Citizenship mission?

Invest in the future of the Melton Foundation

The endowment given to the Foundation by its Founders Bill Melton and Patricia Smith, allows us to cover the operational cost of our programming, primarily for the smooth functioning of our Fellowship and collaborative programs. However, as a mission-driven organization, we see the potential to expand our operations to create a more tangible, lasting impact. In today’s world, there is an evident need for the development of ethical leaders. The need is clear, and the time is now. Investing in the Melton Foundation means fueling the growth of our mission to cultivate globally competent leaders who take action. Scaling the reach of our Global Citizenship Development Framework is a fortified way of achieving this goal. Get in touch with our Executive Director to explore investment opportunities. 

Long-term opportunities: 1+ year engagements

Serve on the Board of Directors

The Board Of Directors of the Melton Foundation is the highest decision-making body of the foundation. Senior Fellows can apply to become board members every time a call for new members goes out. A regular term is three years. On the board, you participate in quarterly meetings and can also be active in the committees, such as strategy, finance, resource development, or human resources. It is a fantastic opportunity to help shape the Melton Foundation.

Calls for application will be sent out via Melall and internal channels when the Board of Directors looks for new members. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Board Chairs or the Executive Director to learn more.

Become a Senior Fellow Task Team member

Do you live close to one of our partner universities, and would like to support our Fellows on campus? Then, becoming a Senior Fellow Task Team member (SFTT) is the right fit. This opportunity is open to all senior fellows in proximity to a Melton Foundation partner university, regardless of the program they graduated from. You will help the fellows navigate their program experience, support their local activities, and participate in global coordination meetings. It is a great way to stay connected and mentor our Learning Program Fellows. The exchange with other SFTTs in other regions at quarterly meetings gives you insights about what is happening at the other campuses and the ability to connect across boundaries.

Connect with Fellows as a Mentor / Godparent

Our program staff are always looking for mentors and godparents for our current program participants. We match you with someone who has similar interests as yours, so you can support them in their professional and personal development. This interaction is customizable – you decide on the frequency of meetings you would like to have and what you would like to focus on during your interactions. The mentorship should ideally last at least one year but of course, can also extend to as long as you want! Calls for mentors go out frequently, but we also appreciate volunteers who signal their willingness to mentor at any time. Please reach out to our Director of DEI or Program Director for more information and to sign up!

Serve on the Grant Committee

The Melton Foundation offers Action Grants year-round to support Melton Fellows in developing skills, perspectives, and wider networks to further their capacity as global citizens and contribute towards building an equitable, sustainable, and peaceful world. The Grant Committee is the designated body to oversee and manage the assessment of all Action Grants issued by the Melton Foundation. It ensures that all grant proposals undergo a rigorous assessment process that benchmarks strength, tangibility, and practicability to determine which applications meet the selection criteria. In addition, the Grant Committee is responsible for vetting all projects proposed for crowdfunding on the Melton Foundation’s partner platform GlobalGiving. Please contact our Director of Collaboration & Transformation for more information.

Donate to our Fellows’ projects and causes!

The Melton Foundation appreciates any donations from its Senior Fellows to support its mission. If you want to fund a specific project or have a new idea in mind, our Executive Director is happy to discuss giving opportunities with you. From seed funding for Fellows impact projects to larger institutional support, we make sure your money goes where you like to invest. You can give through our website or direct bank transfer, or even organize a Senior Fellow Fundraiser. In-kind donations and introductions to other possible donors are also welcome. Every donation – small or large – counts. Overhead costs are covered by the MF, so your donation goes 100% into mission-driven projects. 

Melton Foundation Mailing Lists

Because email continues to be the one medium that easily connects everyone in the Melton Foundation, we use email distribution lists to communicate and exchange information internally. With email being one of the primary contact points to connect and engage our global community, it is really important to keep your primary email address up to date. Should you ever change your email, or prefer to use a different ID for your Melton Foundation communications, please let us now so we can update our system and keep in touch!

There are a number of different channels with varied user lists, and you will soon be added to those that correspond to you, including the following: