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Pathways to the Melton Fellowship

The Melton Fellowship offers diverse pathways for passionate individuals committed to fostering positive social change.

Our two main entry points into our life-long Melton Fellowship are holistic, and aimed at change agents at different stages of their social impact journey.

The Global Solvers Accelerator brings together emergent agents of social change from across the globe for an impact-driven, project-focused, learning journey. Over the course of eight months, participants learn and work together to build collective leadership competencies, refine social impact initiatives they are spearheading in their communities, and ignite transformative change that cuts across boundaries of sector, place, and identity, furthering the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Upon successful completion of the program, participants are eligible to join the Melton Foundation’s lifelong supported community as Senior Melton Fellow.

Alternatively, the Global Citizenship Learning Program, for university students with an eagerness to explore Global Citizenship, serves as the second entry point, providing a 1.5-year comprehensive experiential learning experience. Supported by an extensive network of mentors and partner organizations, this program equips individuals with a wide array of essential skills. These skills encompass intercultural communication, effective teamwork, design thinking, project management, compelling storytelling, ethical leadership, and systems thinking. By engaging with this program, participants gain a profound understanding of global citizenship and are primed to drive meaningful change within their communities and beyond.

Your journey to Impact

Both our programs, the Global Solvers Accelerator and the Global Citizenship Learning Program, share a common goal of empowering individuals to grow their global citizenship muscle to create positive social change. There are myriad similarities and differences in the two programs, so how do you decide which one is for you?


1. Empowerment: Both programs are designed to equip participants with skills, knowledge, and experiences that enable them to drive meaningful change in their communities and beyond.

2. Global Perspective: Both pathways emphasize the importance of a global perspective. They encourage participants to think beyond their local contexts and consider the broader impact of their actions on a global scale.

3. Global Citizenship Capacity: Both programs are grounded in our Global Citizenship Development Model and focus on building individual and collective capacity. While the Accelerator hones in on leadership, social impact and project management skills, the Global Citizenship Learning Program provides a broader range of skills including intercultural communication, design thinking, and ethical leadership.


1. Access and Geography: While the Global Solvers Accelerator is open to suited participants from all around the world, our Global Citizenship Learning Program is open to students from our partner universities in our global hub regions.

2. Duration and Format: The programs differ in terms of duration and format. The Global Solvers Accelerator is an eight-month project-based journey that includes an in-person retreat, the ‘Co-Lab.’ On the other hand, the Global Citizenship Learning Program spans 1.5 years, offering a more extended learning experience, with a focal point being the in-person meeting, the ‘Global Citizenship Convention’.

3. Project Focus vs. Personal Development: The Global Solvers Accelerator places a significant emphasis on refining and advancing participants’ existing social impact initiatives. In contrast, the Global Citizenship Learning Program focuses on holistic personal and professional development, aiming to equip participants with a wide range of interpersonal and social impact skills from the rudimentary level.

3. Collective Learning vs. Individual Learning: The Global Solvers Accelerator fosters collective learning through collaborative projects and interactions, creating a sense of community among participants. The Global Citizenship Learning Program may involve more individualized fundamental learning experiences, though still within the context of a global network.

In essence, both pathways to the Melton Fellowship share the fundamental goal of nurturing global citizenship and socially conscious leaders, but we do so through distinct approaches that cater to different experiences and objectives.

Global Solvers Accelerator

Connecting grassroots experiences, empowering community leaders, and unleashing transformative change!

Join the Global Solvers Accelerator!

Are you a young community development practitioner aged between 20 – 35 years, who is curious, responsible, forward-thinking, with a proven track record of social impact, and actively engaged in or leading a local impact project currently? Are you looking to connect with like-minded peers to make a better sense of the world together? Then you are the ideal participant for this program!

Global Citizenship Learning Program

The Global Citizenship Learning Program, builds participants' capacity, grow their spheres of influence, and eventually model and promote global citizenship through their actions, to become influencers in their communities to model and inspire change.

Global Citizenship Learning Program

Are you a university student passionate about intercultural experiences? Are you keen on unpacking and advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? Would you like to experience international collaboration to create tangible action? Are you motivated to make a difference in the world?

Life-long Senior Fellowship

Since the Melton Foundation's initiation in 1991, our community has grown to over 600+ Senior Fellows from across the globe, representing a myriad of professions, skills, aspirations and motivations. We look back at over three decades of Melton Fellows joining the Foundation and forging life-long connections.

Senior Fellows Resources

We hope being part of the Senior Fellowship becomes an enriching and mutually beneficial journey for you that yields powerful connections and deep collaborations within our community and beyond.