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What does it mean to be a global citizen? And how do we help our fellows get there?

The Melton Foundation’s Global Citizenship Program provides essential knowledge, skills, and values for global citizens, and systematically develops these characteristics in our Melton Fellows.

Global citizenship is both an attitude and an activity. That’s why we have designed our Global Citizenship Program around the three core aspects of global citizenship:

We understand learning as a lifelong process.

The  Melton Fellowship consists of an eight-month New Fellow Program and a two-year Junior Fellow Program, followed by a lifetime Senior Fellowship in a supported network. The program includes a local, on-campus component and a global, online component.

Through projects in intercultural teams, open conversations, collective reflections and shared resources, our fellows continuously develop and practice their abilities through experiential learning  in a systemic, integrated and differentiated way.

We provide guidance, mentoring, workshops, trainings and a powerful network of Senior Fellows and partner organizations. We develop our projects together with our fellows, based on their needs, abilities and interests.

New Fellows

Immediately after their selection to the Melton Foundation, New Fellows join a training program that equips them with necessary skills and competencies for their change-maker journey: they build a shared understanding of global issues, learn how to collaborate in virtual teams, form bonds, exchange knowledge across cultures, and embrace the values of Global Citizenship.

When Fellows join the Foundation at one of our partner campuses, they go through an intense 7-month online training that culminates in a 4-day workshop, called New Fellows Orientation, where participants meet for the first time.

The online training includes introductory sessions, hands-on tasks and reflection sessions on topics such as Global Citizenship Values, Intercultural Competency, Social Innovation, Storytelling, System Thinking, Effective Communications and Developing Solutions.

At the New Fellow Orientation, Fellows come together to build bonds of trust and grow and stretch their global citizenship muscle to tackle important issues in project teams with their peers around the world and at their universities.

The Junior Fellowship

The two-year experiential learning program develops our fellows’ capacity to build awareness, take responsibility as they design shared solutions and take action – big or small – to address today's global challenges.

Junior Fellows develop and implement small projects in teams, collaborating online and in person. We provide guidance, training and support as they explore what it means to work together in intercultural teams to design, plan and carry out projects that make a difference across the street and across the world.

At our annual Global Citizenship Conference (GCC), Junior Fellows present the work from their projects, review and assess their progress, and use these insights along with new experiences and skills from hands-on workshops to deepen the collaboration in their teams, improve the outcomes of their projects, and gradually result in greater impact for their local and global communities.

The Senior Fellowship

Our Senior Fellows range from recent college graduates to seasoned professionals and are spread around the globe. As global citizens, they bring about meaningful change in their spheres of influence.

dsc_2891We support our Senior Fellows throughout their lifetimes in multiple ways:

  • by connecting them to a network of networks that enables and empowers fellows and collaborating partners to engage, connect and support meaningful action in their personal and professional lives
  • by providing grants that allow them to continuously grow their spheres of influence, develop their capacity as global citizens as well as to design and implement meaningful projects
  • by engaging them actively in the structured learning program for New & Junior Fellows as mentors, content providers, role models and coaches while equipping them with the necessary skills to grow in their respective roles

We organize local trainings, conferences, workshops and exchange opportunities such as the Global Citizenship Conference, Global Solvers Co-Lab, New Fellows Orientation, or other global events. Based on their interests, ability and capacity, we also support our fellows to attend conferences, workshops and other activities together with our partner organizations and beyond.

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