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Our fellowship program equips emerging change agents with the skills, experiences, and tools necessary to become effective and ethical leaders, able to collaborate meaningfully and act responsibly across the street and across the world.

Application to the Melton Fellowship will open again in early 2019.

Check back for updates about the Fellowship Application 2019!

Why Become a Melton Fellow?

Joining the Melton Foundation gives you a window into the world and a global platform to make a difference in your community, country, continent and beyond.

As a Melton Fellow, you will:

  • Experience different cultures first hand and improve your ability to work across boundaries of place and identity
  • Expand your knowledge on a range of relevant global topics related to the Sustainable Development Goals – e.g. sustainability, cultural diversity
  • Boost your skills through hands-on workshops, trainings and projects, as well as events like the Global Citizenship Conference and the New Fellows Orientation
  • Develop projects with Fellows and partners at your university, in other countries and online to make a positive impact – small or big – in your community and around the world
  • Join a network of 500+ Fellows and partner organizations from across sectors and world regions
  • Be an example to others by modelling and promoting global citizenship in thought and action

The Melton Fellowship starts while you are in university. Through online learning, teamwork, projects, and travel to other parts of the world you will collaborate with Melton Fellows and partner organizations around the world to exercise your global citizenship muscle.

Our 2.5 year Global Citizenship Program is designed as extra-curricular, experiential-learning program that will fire up your can-do attitude and will-do motivation. Supported by mentors, you’ll acquire skills in areas such as design thinking, intercultural communications, teamwork, project management, impact measurement, ethical leadership and systems thinking as you work together with others in pursuit of collaborative solutions to challenges of today’s interconnected world. Project Teams, Acts of Global Citizenship, workshops and conferences at your university and in diverse global locations will be your fueling stations throughout your journey. After you graduate from the program, you will join our Senior Fellow network to bring about meaningful change in your growing spheres of influence – with the Melton Foundation acting alongside each step of the way.

In short, when you join the Melton Foundation, you become equipped to be a global citizen – for life.

Who Are We Looking For?

Good news: We are not looking for fully developed global citizens, but for young people with the potential to become one!

Future Melton Fellows are

  • interested in broadening their horizon by learning and sharing with peers from across the world,
  • willing to contribute with energy, knowledge and resources to the solution of global issues in their communities and beyond,
  • able to work towards collaborative solutions to pressing challenges by engaging in global citizenship projects – on their own or in support of partner organizations, and
  • motivated to promote global citizenship in their communities for others to follow their example.

Some of the characteristics we are looking for in applicants are:

  • Demonstrable interest in global challenges and international issues
  • Curiosity for different social contexts and cultures
  • Respect for diversity, whether across the street or across the world
  • Engagement on local or community level
  • Empathy and self-awareness
  • Personal initiative, and ability to work in teams
  • Ability to communicate effectively (oral and written – also in English)
  • Strong academic record

Becoming a global citizen is a serious commitment – with yourself and the people around you. If selected into the fellowship, our commitment to you is to constantly support and challenge you on your path towards global citizenship – through learning, exposure, mentoring, travel and more. This, however, is only effective, if your are equally committed.

As a new Melton Fellow, you can expect the following during the 2.5 years of Global Citizenship Program:

  • Attend Melton Foundation global events (usually once a year, usually 1 week long)
  • Participate in local activities (depends on your campus, average estimate: 10-15 hrs / month)
  • Engage in guided online learning activities (approx. 5 hrs / month)
  • Work in global project teams (depends on your team, average estimate: 10-15 hrs / month)

Those are core activities through which you will build your capacity, grow your spheres of influence and – later, as Senior Fellow – make impact as a role model for global citizenship in your expanding network.

Apply To Be A Melton Fellow!

If you think you have what it takes to be a Melton Fellow and are studying in your first or second year at one of the Melton Foundation partner universities.

Applications for the Melton Fellowship 2018 are closed.

Application and Selection Process

Application Deadlines

The deadline to submit your application for your specific university is as follows:


Universidad de la Frontera
(Temuco, Chile)
applications closed
Ashesi University College
(Berekuso, Ghana)
applications closed
BMS College of Engineering
(Bangalore, India)
applications closed
Zhejiang University
(Hangzhou, China)
applications closed

We will only consider applications received before the application deadline at your university.

Assessment Center

After each campus’ application deadline, we will invite up to 30 potential candidates from each campus to participate in an Assessment Center at your university. The Assessment Centers will take place at your respective university between April and early May 2018. Selected candidates will be informed about dates and other specifics ahead of time.


After each campus’ application deadline, we will invite up to 15 of the strongest candidates from each campus for a selection interview with a global selection team. The interviews will take place at your respective university between April and early June 2018. Finalists will be informed about the interview dates ahead of time.


We will accept a total of up to 20 New Fellows from these partner universities this year. Finalists will be informed in the second half of June 2018 whether their application has been successful.

Initiation of the Global Citizenship Program

Activities for selected New Fellows will start in July 2018, first in online settings and later in person at the New Fellow Orientation (dates and place to be confirmed).

Apply to join the Melton Foundation!

When you join the almost 500 Melton Fellows around the world, you become part of a global network – for life. Melton Fellows from China to Chile, Germany to India, and Ghana to the United States, come together to learn about our different cultures, common challenges and unique solutions.