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Calling UNSDG Advocates and Local Impact Leaders!

The Melton Foundation’s fellowship for global and local community impact is proud to honor the contributions of continuing generations of youth community leaders addressing local and global issues.

Are you a budding change-maker passionate about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), intercultural experiences, and international collaboration to create tangible action? Are you motivated to make a difference in the world?

We are looking for emerging change agents who are committed to serving their communities and, through the Melton Fellowship, can build their capacity, grow their spheres of influence and eventually model and promote global citizenship through their actions and in their networks of increasing complexity. In other words,

Young people with the motivation to become a local multiplier of positive social impact and join a global network of other emerging and established impact leaders who believe in Global Citizenship as a vital bridge toward better social and environmental relationships.

Those are the people, who will benefit most from the Melton Fellowship and, in return, will become role models for a generation of global citizens and advocates for the Melton Foundation.

The application for the 2021 Fellowships is now open, until the deadline on January 15, 2021, at 2:00 pm EST. Applications are not reviewed on a rolling basis. All eligibility requirements apply to the status of the applicant as of September 1, 2020. 

Application Eligibilty Criteria

Here are some guidelines for our next recruitment cycle:

To be eligible for the cohort of 2021, you must be a university student who is 18-25 years old as of the application deadline, and who will foreseeably live within the city limits of any of our partner universities for the next 1.5 years:

  • Bangalore, India
  • Greater Accra, Ghana 
  • New Orleans, United States 
  • Jena, Germany
  • Temuco, Chile
  • Hangzhou, China 

Other eligibility requirements include:

  • Must currently be enrolled in a degree-seeking undergraduate or graduate school program
  • Have sufficient English language skills in order to understand and participate in all aspects of the program including complex discussions on human issues
  • Have a proven track record of civic engagement in your local community
  • Be aware of and committed to advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and practicing Global Citizenship as a lifestyle
  • Be able to provide 1 letter of recommendation if invited to the local assessment center

Please note that applications from motivated students from historically under­represented minorities (URM), and low-income backgrounds are highly encouraged. Also important to note is that to apply, you need to be enrolled at or living in close vicinity to our partner universities listed here

The deadline for submitting your completed application is 15th January 2021. Please see our Application Process for specifics. We do not accept applications that are incomplete or submitted after the deadline.

Apply to the Melton Fellowship!

Calling UNSDG Advocates and Local Impact Leaders - Join us and become part of a life long network of Global Citizens!

Why Become a Melton Fellow?

Joining the Melton Foundation gives you a new perspective on the world and a global platform to make a difference in your community and beyond.

As a Melton Fellow, you will:

  • Experience different cultures first-hand and learn to work across boundaries of place and identity.
  • Expand your knowledge about relevant global topics related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Boost your skills through hands-on workshops, training, and mentoring projects.
  • Develop projects with Fellows and partners in your community and around the world to drive change initiatives – small or big – for wider impact.
  • Join a network of 500+ Fellows and partner organizations from across sectors and world regions.
  • Become part of an experiential learning lab that equips you with the know-how and confidence to take action on pressing issues around you.

The Melton Fellowship starts while you are in university. Through online learning, global teamwork, and collaborative projects you will exercise your global citizenship muscle.

Our 1.5-year Global Citizenship Program is designed as an extra-curricular program that will fire up your can-do attitude and will-do motivation to become the critical thinker and global problem-solver you aspire to be. Supported by our global network of mentors and partner organizations, you’ll acquire skills in areas such as intercultural communications, teamwork, design thinking, project management, storytelling, ethical leadership, and systems thinking. As you work together with others in pursuit of collaborative solutions to challenges of today’s interconnected world, Project Teams, Acts of Global Citizenship, and global workshops and conferences will be your fueling stations.
After graduating from the program, you will join our Senior Fellow network, where you will find the stimulus and support needed as you take your own initiatives forward and continue to drive change in your growing spheres of influence.

In short, when you join the Melton Foundation, you become equipped to be an active Global Citizen – for life.

Who Should Apply for the Fellowship?

We are looking for emerging problem solvers with the curiosity, potential, and motivation to become active global citizens!

Melton Fellows

  • broaden their horizons by learning with and from peers around the world.
  • work towards collaborative solutions in global citizenship projects.
  • contribute with energy, knowledge, and resources to help solve pressing issues in their communities and beyond.
  • use their skills and passion to drive change together.
  • transform perceptions of how global problems are approached – and solved.
  • model global citizenship in their communities for others to follow their example.

Some of the characteristics we are looking for in candidates:

  • Civic engagement at the community level,
  • Curiosity for different social contexts and cultures,
  • Demonstrable interest in global challenges and international issues,
  • Respect for diversity, whether across the street or across the globe,
  • Personal motivation, initiative, and ability to work in teams,
  • Sufficient English language skills to understand and participate in all aspects of the program, and a
  • Strong academic record.

Becoming a global citizen is a serious commitment – and fellows are expected to be active and engaged throughout the program. If selected into the fellowship, our commitment to you is to constantly support and challenge you on your path towards global citizenship – through learning, exposure, mentoring, travel and more. This, however, is only effective, if you are equally committed.

As a new Melton Fellow, you can expect the following during the 1.5 years of Global Citizenship Program:

  • Attend global events of the Melton Foundation (usually once a year, approximately 1 week long)
  • Engage in online learning activities (approx. 5 hrs/month)
  • Work in global project teams (depending on the project, average estimate: 10 hrs/month)
  • Participate in community projects (depending on your local community engagement, average estimate: 10 hrs/month)

Those are core activities through which you will build your leadership capacity, grow your spheres of influence and – later, as Senior Fellow – make an impact as a global problem solver in your expanding network.

A decade of learning and growth as a Melton Fellow

Vigneshwar Shankar, a Senior Melton Fellow and a Business Manager with over 5 years of experience in the Indian financial services industry, shares his insights into the Fellowship, and what you can gain by becoming a Melton Fellow!

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Application and Selection Process

Application Form

The first and most important step is to submit your written Fellowship Application. If you are invited to a final interview, please be aware that you will need to provide at least one recommendation letter in support of your application, from:

Click here to download your Letter of Recommendation template.

Assessment Center

Following the above-indicated deadline(s), we will evaluate written applications and invite suited candidates to participate in an Assessment Center. The Assessment Center will take place at the university closest to you approximately 2-4 weeks following the application deadline.
Selected candidates will be informed about dates and other specifics ahead of time.


Following the Assessment Center(s), we will invite the strongest candidates from each region to complete a timed video interview that will be reviewed by our Global Selection Team.

Final Selection

Following the Assessment Center, the global selection team will select the best-suited finalists from across the globe to join the Melton Foundation.


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