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Our Fellows

Melton Fellows are passionate, curious, and adventurous.

What sets Melton Fellows apart is their flexibility in problem-solving, their consistent openness to new ideas, and their ability and commitment to seeking consensus about which path to take when confronted with challenges.

Every year, we recruit young social change leaders with great potential who are looking for a chance to develop their capacity into a lifelong network of 600+ Melton Fellows from across the world.

At the start of the fellowship, our fellows are diamonds in the rough; our job is to help shape them over time.

Global Citizenship Program

Our Program Model is designed to give Fellows the tools and skills they need to work together across boundaries to address the big challenges the world is facing.

Our Global Citizenship Program is action-driven, promotes experiential learning by supporting the Fellows’ own initiatives and projects, and is designed for lifelong engagement.

It enables them to become global problem solvers and role models for a generation of global citizens – empowered individuals working across borders of place and identity to solve the world’s greatest challenges.

Following the successful completion of the training program, the fellows are able to create or join projects within our network. Together, they have developed dozens of initiatives that tackle specific challenges in our core areas of sustainability, equity, and diversity.

Apply to our Global Citizenship Program!

Joining the Melton Foundation gives you a new perspective on the world and a global platform to make a difference in your community and beyond. Our Global Citizenship Program is the ideal opportunity for university students who aim to emerge as Global Citizens and to become a part of the unique Melton Foundation Fellowship.

Our Global Citizenship Program supports emerging changemakers and problem solvers throughout their academic and professional careers and beyond. We contribute to Fellows’ development through a variety of programs, including:

Alternative pathways into the Melton Fellowship

You do not qualify for the Global Citizenship Program but are intrigued by the possibility of becoming a Melton Fellow?

No problem: the Global Solvers Accelerator is another gateway to building your Global Citizenship muscle and joining the lifelong Melton Foundation Fellowship!

Our Network

We offer a lifelong network for support, mentoring, resources, learning, and collaboration – so our Fellows can develop personally and professionally.

Unlike many other U.S.-based fellowship programs, we have a non-U.S.-centric vision and approach: the majority of our fellows are located in the global South; they are not spokes on a wheel held together by a predominantly Western hub. Instead, we offer a truly global community.

Most importantly, our network capitalizes on the power of friendships as a catalyst for social change. Throughout the fellowship, Melton Fellows develop strong bonds and truly enjoy working together. We give them just the right push so their idealism and enthusiasm can lead to a real, lasting impact.

"I strongly believe in the power of building 'social capital' - building and using networks of support through reciprocity. And this is something that I feel comes naturally to me owing to my experience at the Melton Foundation."

- Amrita Nanda, Melton Fellow