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Think Global, Act Local!

The best way for a global citizen to begin her journey is to explore her local environs and work towards creating models for problems that exist in different corners of the globe for implementation in the local setup. The local sphere is where the most visible changes occur, the site of the real empowerment of communities.

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A decade and more of learning and growth with the Melton Foundation

When we ask our Fellows what their key learnings are from being part of our diverse network, every answer is unique. Every experience is unique. Being connected to hundreds of Global Citizens all over the globe across many generations is a truly one-of-a-kind experience, and today we have one of our cherished Senior Fellows, Vigneshwar Shankar, from India, sharing his Melton Foundation journey in his own words.

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Your Guide to being a Global Citizen!

Have you ever wished to explore the world, beyond your neighborhood, beyond your city, or even beyond your country? Have you ever felt that you belong to the world, and want to work towards solving urgent issues like climate change, discrimination, and global warming to create a better planet for all? Do you condemn exclusionary practices, and feel that an inclusive, vibrant society is our way to a brighter future?

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