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We have a responsibility towards future generations to be good stewards of our planet. It is our collective duty to act on issues affecting all of us on Earth.

Melton Fellows promote sustainable business practices, consumer choices and use of natural resources.

We know that environmental problems such as climate change, lack of clean water, ocean pollution and deforestation threaten life as we know it for future generations. We also know the importance of responsible business practices that take not only profit, but also people and planet into account. The long-term health of our social and ecological systems is vital to our collective wellbeing.

Our fellows use their influence as consumers, create awareness campaigns about environmental issues, and work with businesses to promote social innovation for a greener economy. We participate in initiatives that tackle climate change both at the local and global levels, and support local communities to act in order to adapt to changes and threats to their environments.

Find out how our fellows are helping create a world where prosperity, a healthy environment and social justice support each other:


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