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Save the Date: Apply to the Global Solvers Accelerator 2023

A leadership program designed for young change catalysts anywhere in the world, the Global Solvers Accelerator is an opportunity to enrich community projects with transformative elements of global citizenship. Tap into the fullest transformative potential of your social impact work, and accelerate your project through a uniquely collaborative 8-month, practitioners-oriented, impact program!

Save the Date: Applications to the Global Solvers Accelerator 2023 cohort are open from 2 January to 1 March 2023! 

At the Global Solvers Accelerator, we accelerate sustainable development by connecting grassroots experiences and expertise, empowering emerging change catalysts, and unleashing transformative change from local to global and back again. The Accelerator is an 8-month, peer-driven, and collaboration-based leadership program that intersects cutting-edge leadership insights, inclusive project development, and reflective impact strategies to enable participants for sustainable development work beyond business as usual.

The program engages participants in eight thematic modules, each touching upon the highly relevant elements of transformative change work through collaborative action, carefully curated reading, and subject matter advisory from industry experts as well as global peers. By joining the program, participants stand to gain valuable competencies and insights, build their professional networks, and grow together as a global community of learning and practice. 

Benefits of becoming a Global Solver

Participants refine and build on their social impact project(s) at the Global Solvers Accelerator. Joining the program means pivoting skills, capacity, and connections to tap into the fullest transformative potential of community development work and ignite shared solutions that cut across boundaries of place, identity, paradigms, and further the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Global Solvers Accelerator enables participants to build upon their community projects in close correlation to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Here are some key benefits of becoming a Global Solver at a glance:

  • Furthering Impact – At the Global Solvers Accelerator, participants develop their impact projects to unleash their transformative potential. To achieve the same, participants work together with other practitioners from diverse places. In the process, they connect experiences and learn about different realities around the globe!
  • Capacity Building – Participants learn new and/or advanced skills that further their Global Citizenship competency and give a huge momentum to their impact as social leaders. Experiences of practices in SDG-focused domains, interpersonal bonds, and support of our Community of Practice are some additional facets of the program!
  • Joining a Global Citizenship Community – Upon successful completion of the program, participants are eligible to join the Melton Foundation’s lifelong supported community as Senior Melton Fellows and gain access to a global community of 600 change catalysts across the globe, project funding through our Action Grants, travel opportunities to global impact events, and more! A certified recognition of participation is also provided to graduating Global Solvers!

Are you a young community development practitioner aged between 20 – 35 years who is curious, responsible, forward-thinking, familiar with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a proven track record of social impact, and actively engaged in or leading a local impact project currently?

Then you are the ideal candidate to apply to the Global Solvers Accelerator!


A signature program of the Melton Foundation, the Global Solvers Accelerator is deeply intertwined with our unique community of global citizenship practice and, for successful participants, a gateway to joining the life-long Melton Foundation Fellowship! In addition, the program may include a sponsored in-person retreat in mid-2023 for active and engaged Global Solvers! 

The Application window will open soon – watch this space to leapfrog you toward becoming a Global Solver!