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Open Call: New Global Voices Project Team Members

The Global Voices Project Team (GVPT) is recruiting new team members to continue working with the amazing organization, Global Voices.

“One of the things that distinguishes us as global citizens is being aware about the things that are happening in the world, and this is the perfect way to do that!”

– Javiera Muñoz, coordinator of the new Global Voices Project Team

What is Global Voices?

GlobalVoicesGlobal Voices is a community of bloggers and translators from all over the world that work together to bring information from social media, emphasizing those that are not usually heard by traditional media.

Why I should join GVPT?

A global citizen is a person who is aware of and interested in the problems that she/he sees around herself/himself. The awareness leads us to the desire to do something about those problems. While in many cases we probably will not be able to fix the situations, we can be part of the solution by letting other people know what’s happening in the world, specially when we are broadcasting the message from those that are not heard… Sharing our awareness of the problems around us is an integral part of being a global citizen.
You can read the articles of the first cycle here.

About the new Project Team

We will form a group of 4 -6 fellows and will work from March to August. During the first month you will be assigned to a mentor from Global Voices and be trained in its writing style. Also in the first month, the team will set the framework topic for the following months: either Inequality and Discrimination or Problems and Solutions in Education.
During the following five months, we set our goal to write and publish at least three articles for Global Voices about noteworthy topics of your choice related to the framework topic. The team will set up clear deadlines for submission. Team discussions and exchange of ideas will help you select your topics.

You want to learn and practice how to write for a prestigious online news source? You are motivated and available to write at least three stories between March and August? You want to exchange ideas, challenges and strategies for public writing with like-minded Melton Fellows and experienced bloggers? Then don’t hesitate to send your motivation letter to rainbird.226@gmail.com.
The deadline is February 23, 2014.