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NOLA Tech Tap: A Youth Innovation Marathon

The NOLA Tech Tap: Youth Innovation Virtual Ideathon calls upon youth in New Orleans to develop creative yet practical ideas of how technology can become a catalyst when creating and diversifying opportunities, be it in the tourism sector, the healthcare sector, to drive climate resilience, or other endeavors. 

The United Nations defines SDG 8 as : “Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all”.  With the pandemic vastly slowing down global development engines, disrupting economies and livelihoods, ‘decent work and economic growth’ remains a mirage for many around the world. 

This Innovation Marathon seeks participants to explore solution ideas to facilitate the realization of SDG 8 through multiple paradigms and approaches. Solution ideas may incorporate one or a combination of the guiding categories below: 

  • Devising technological solutions to improve access to healthcare to a vast proportion of the population
  • Formulating technological means to create new opportunities that promote sustainability and hold the potential to provide livelihoods to people, while mitigating climate change 
  • Collaborating across domains and disciplines to unlock hybrid possibilities  through a technological vehicle for change, in diverse sectors such as tourism, healthcare, climate emergency and more.  

Participants are encouraged to adopt a holistic paradigm while developing ideational frameworks in diverse teams for a future where opportunities abound for all sections of the population!


Harnessing technology to overcome obstacles and generate community value

The NOLA Tech Tap Innovation Marathon, inspired by SDG 8, is built upon the theme : ‘Overcoming barriers to decent work and economic growth’. It seeks to address questions revolving around social innovation driven by technology :

  • How can social innovation harness technology to propel equitable and sustainable economic growth?
  • How might we use technology to overcome barriers to decent work and economic growth?
  • How can technology be used to build bridges to decent work and economic growth for all?

The Marathon aims to explore possibilities that focus on driving social innovation and sustained livelihood with technological solutions. It is also an effort to converge communities to supercharge social innovation. 

Challenge Statement

The challenge statement for the participants in the Innovation Marathon is :

“How can social innovation harness technology to propel equitable and sustainable economic growth?” 

The NOLA Tech Tap engages participants around real-life challenges and equips them to work together cross-boundary to develop simple, practical, and creative solution ideas using technology as a tool to propel social impact. The challenges presented for the NOLA Tech Tap are based on input from local community partner organizations and would relate to the following: 

  • Civic engagement / inclusive participation
  • Shifting to clean/renewable energy 
  • Inclusive economy – economic inclusion (marginalized communities, “opportunity” groups, “second-chancers” etc.)
  • Building trust and further (sense of) belonging
  • Gender-specific – gender fluid (learning)
  • Learning/access to education

…among other potential topics (health, tourism, education, etc.)

Awaken the innovator in you!

Participate in the NOLA Tech Tap : Youth Innovation Marathon and create technological innovations that contribute to SDG 8! The application window will be open soon!


The deadlines and the schedule for the event are set to be released soon! Keep a close eye on this space to know more!